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WINNER Members Share Their Ideal Types Of Woman On ‘Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss The Radio’

By Inami | April 13, 2017 08:32 PM EDT

Last April, WINNER was filled with uncertainty as they made their comeback with the album "Fate Number For" without their main vocalist Nam Tae Hyun. However, it seems that their much-deserved success is making the artists more confident as they seem to be gearing for their second comeback in 2017. (Photo : WINNER/Facebook)

If you're a fan of WINNER and fantasizing about being their girlfriend, you need to possess some of the qualities that they look in a girl. On the recent broadcast of "Lee Hong Ki's Kiss The Radio", each of WINNER member share their ideal type of woman that would make every girl go crazy.

The boys of WINNER were invited as a guest star on "Lee Hong Ki's Kiss The Radio" that was aired on April 12. Each member was then asked the ultimate question every girl wants to hear the answer: what is their ideal type of woman? Lee Seung Hoon was the first from the boy group to answer. According to Allkpop, Lee Seung Hoon has a pretty weird type. He doesn't want a girl that can do nice makeup or anything, he simply looks for a woman that always carries a band aid in her purse, or better yet, a woman who can take a good care of him.

Meanwhile, Kim Jin Woo gave an obvious answer: he basically likes pretty girls, although he didn't further explain what makes a girl pretty. While Kim Jin Woo only likes pretty girls, Song Min Ho revealed that he always has a thing for a girl who can eat well. Min Ho wants his future partner to take a good care of herself by eating well and live a healthy life before she takes care of him. More importantly, Song Min Ho's dream girl must not be a picky eater. Kang Seung Yoon basically wants a fan of WINNER as his girlfriend. He said that his ideal type of girl must love music and has "Really Really" playing on her earphone.

WINNER came to "Lee Hong Ki's Kiss Radio" not only to talk about their ideal woman. The boys also came to promote their latest hit "Really Really". Billboard even mentions that WINNER has scored fantastically in the World Digital Song Sales Chart. "Really Really" even debuts at the third spot and is currently the best-selling track in America this week.

WINNER's other hit track from their comeback project, "Fool" also shines in the World Chart by scoring the No. 4 spot. Recently, the boys have released their dance practice clip of "Really Really".



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