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Jaejoong Was 'Taken Aback' of Yoochun's Marriage Hence the Puzzling IG Photo, Reveals A Close Jaejoong Insider

By Eddwyn A. | April 19, 2017 03:47 AM EDT

JYJ Jaejoong
In a recent online poll ran by an online community portal, JYJ's Jaejoong was voted as the celebrity with the most exceptional looks! (Photo : Official JYJ / Facebook)


Fans of JYJ's Jaejoong were puzzled regarding the K-pop idol's most recent Instagram post that read "NO". An insider close to the idol then explains the true meaning behind the puzzling photo.

According to Koreaboo, the announcement of Jaejoong's co-JYJ member, Yoochun, may be the reason behind Jaejoong's most recent Instagram post. Yoochun surprised everyone when he announced his marriage last week.

Fans believe that Jaejoong's Instagram post was to express his frustration regarding Yoochun's announcement. Apparently, Jaejoong and the rest of JYJ were kept in the dark by Yoochun.

Other fans also believe that Jaejoong and the rest of the band are not in good terms. This however was not the case as revealed by an insider close to Jaejoong.

According to the insider, the rumors of JYJ members fighting are not true. In fact, they still keep in touch with each other despite not meeting regularly.

The insider also revealed that Jaejoong uploaded the Instagram photo while having dinner with his family. The insider also added that the K-pop idol may have uploaded the picture out of disbelief in how no one in their agency or in JYJ knew about Yoochun's wedding.

"It's understandable to think that they didn't communicate well upon seeing Jaejoong's Instagram post," said the insider. "I don't really contact the members that much so I don't really know, but I think he isn't seeing it in a negative light, but more of a worrisome one," further clarifies the insider.

The insider also added how Jaejoong was clearly taken aback by the announcement. Ultimately, the insider said that he is sure that the group will figure things out eventually.

In other news, Jaejoong recently flew to Thailand after his concert in Taiwan on April 1. As previously reported, the idol visited a fan that fell into a coma.

As previously reported, the fan locally known as Min, fell into a coma during her travel to South Korea to attend Jaejoong's concert. Jaejoong then donated 20 million won to Min's father, Mr. Theerapong Nasaarn.

Jaejoong ended his visit to Min by taking a picture of the three of them. The K-pop idol then instructed Mr. Nasaarn to show Min their photo the moment she wakes up. 



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