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Yonghwa of CNBLUE to Reveal Face of Sasaeng Fan? CNBLUE Vocals Warns Other Obsessive Fans to Stay Away

By Eddwyn A. | April 19, 2017 04:47 AM EDT

Lead vocals of CNBLUE Yonghwa warns overly obsessive fans or "sasaeng" to stay away from his home and family or he will upload a captured security footage of the fan. (Photo : FNC Ent)


CNBLUE held a fan signing even recently in Incheon for "7°CN". After the event, band leader Yonghwa warned his overly obsessive fans, or "sasaeng" who may have been at the event.

According to Koreaboo, CNBLUE members stood up to give their closing statements as the event wraps up. However, leader Yonghwa took the moment to warn any sasaeng fans that may have been at the event.

In his statement, Yonghwa asked his overly obsessive fans to not come to his house, and to stop texting members of his family. Apparently, Yonghwa's family has been receiving rude messages from sasaeng fans.

Yonghwa also warned the sasaeng fan who went over to his home and casually approached his car. Yonghwa revealed that his closed-circuit camera has captured the moment.

"...if you come one more time, I'm going to upload it on the Internet," warns Yonghwa. He also added that he would be uploading the captured security footage of the fan that showed her face if she rolls up his house once again.

The more proper Yonghwa fans supported his decision, saying that he should upload the security footage. However, Yonghwa replied how he is not at liberty to do so.

It's not just Yonghwa though. Other CNBLUE members have also been pestered by their sasaeng fans.

Apparently, some of Yonghwa's band mates have also been receiving rude messages from their obsessive fans. After Yonghwa made his statement, other CNBLUE boys expressed how they wished to upload screenshots of the rude messages. However, they knew that would be inappropriate.

In other news, Soompi reports Yonghwa will be joining the fixed guest lineup for Olive TV's newest food program. The program titled "Island Musketeers" (working title) involves guests to travel to an island to live like locals for 5 days.

Yonghwa will be joined by Kang Ho Dong and Kim Hee Sun. Olive TV's "Island Musketeers" is set to air on May 22.



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