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Choi Min Young & Jang Do Yeon Got Closer On The Recent Episode Of 'We Got Married,' The Comedian Helped The Actor Shaving

By Siti Fatimah | April 19, 2017 01:16 PM EDT

Choi Min Young and Jang Do Yeon seemed to get closer while that had a sweet date on "We Got Married."
Choi Min Young and Jang Do Yeon had a sweet date on "We Got Married." Check out more here! (Photo : MBCentertainment/YouTube)

Appearing on the show "We Got Married," there is a big possibility that love can happen between the stars. It seems that it can happen between Jang Do Yeon and Choi Min Young as the two had a sweet romantic date on the recent episode of the show.

On the recent episode of "We Got Married," aired on Apr. 15, Jang Do Yeon and Choi Min Young were having a date in pajamas. The date was started nicely as Choi Min Young played The Beatles songs to his virtual wife. He wanted to show her what he was listening when he was young, AllKpop reported.

The two of them were listening to the songs while drinking tea. Suddenly, Jang Do Yeon said that it was time to sleep after drinking tea. She said that as they were married couple, they should have slept together. Hearing that, Choi Min Young was really surprised and spat his tea.

Choi Min Young and Jang Do Young were the new couple replacing Yoon Bomi and Choi Tae Joon on "We Got Married." The actor and the comedian did really well in the show. For their first impression, Choi Min Young saw Jang Do Yeon like a flight attendant. On the other hand, Jang De Yeon saw Min Young like a well-aged monkey, AllKpop reported.

When the two got closer, they decided to have a nickname for each other. Their fans were really happy to see both getting closer. According to report from KoreaPortal, the two might have got closer relationship as the actor showed maturity. When he was asked about how he felt towards his old mother, he was answering while in tears. The actor wanted to learn to cook healthy meal for his mother.

It seems that the relationship of Choi Min Young and Jang Do Yeon can get closer because they spend much time together. When Jang Do Yeon helped Choi Min Young to shave, it was really romantic. Viewers can watch their togetherness again in the upcoming episode.

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