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Kris Was Reported To Talk Bad About Tao, Luhan, And Lay Once In An Interview With Zhou Wei

By Siti Fatimah | April 19, 2017 01:21 PM EDT

Kris Wu talked bad about EXO members, reported by Zhou Wei.
Kris was reported to talk bad about EXO members. Check out the details here! (Photo : allk news/YouTube)

It has been several years after Kris left his group, EXO. Kris' leaving from the group left scar to EXO's fans and also members as he was the leader of the group. Recently, there was a report that Kris once talked really bad about some of EXO members.

Previously, Tao criticized Kris for his decision leaving the group. But later, he regretted his words as he also joined him to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment and left the group, Kpopstarz reported. Besides Tao, another member, Luhan also decided to leave the group and began his career in China.

After leaving the group, there is a question whether the members and ex-members still have good relationship. Recently, Zhou Wei, who was known as the best paparazzi in China revealed that Kris once talked bad about some of EXO members. He said that Kris once said that Luhan was dumb, Lay was a jerk, and Tao was a terrible singer, AllKpop reported.

Hearing such news, Kris' fans believed that Zhou Wei didn't talk based on the facts. Kris' fans still believe that their idol is a nice person. Moreover, Kris is known to be friendly to everyone. Recently, Kris got another big step for his fame. Playing in a Hollywood movie "XXX: Return of Xander Cage," Kris Wu did really well acting with Vin Diesel. He looked badass in this movie, SBS reported.

Kris Wu got another spotlight when he was invited to attend the "59th Annual Grammy Awards," Koreaboo reported. He walked on the red carpet looking really handsome. He even took some pictures with other Hollywood celebrities, looking really confident.

Kris' loyal fans believe that the idol didn't do as the Zhou Wei said. As Kris keeps showing his progress in acting and singing, his fans are always there to support him. Kris is proven to have talents and star quality. Thus, his career keeps on improving both in singing and acting.

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