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Jung Joon Young & T-ara's Jiyeon's Agencies Both Denied That The Two Were Dating

By Siti Fatimah | April 19, 2017 09:09 PM EDT

Jung Joon Young and Jiyeon denied to be in a relationship.
Jung Joon Young and Jiyeon were rumored to date. But both denied it, saying it was false rumors. (Photo : Kpop News/YouTube)

Rumors are all around Jung Joon Young and T-ara's Jiyeon. Many people guessed that Jiyeon had moved on from her ex and started dating the rocker. But, as the rumors went bigger, both denied it.

Jiyeon was known to date Lee Dong Gun and had a breakup after dating about a year and half. After the breakup, Lee Dong Gun started to date his co-lead in "Wolgyesu Tailor Shop," Kpopmap reported. Many Jiyeon's fans were disappointed at Lee Dong Gun as he was dating other woman pretty quick. But, Jiyeon often said that she was fine about the breakup.

After her breakup, Jiyeon has never been spotted to date other guy. But then, rumors came up that she was dating a rocker Jung Joon Young. The rocker is famous for his appearance in "Superstar K." After getting recognition, he then released some albums with his band. Joon Young gets more attention by being a regular member in "2 Days & 1 Night."

Joon Young once got a problem for his scandal video with his ex girlfriend. He admitted his mistake and apologized in public. Actually his problem was already solved before the news came. Still, he showed mature attitude despite his young age.

Joon Young then took a break in music industry and variety shows. After some time, he then got back in entertainment industry. The rumor of him dating Jiyeon was a surprise as people rarely see them together. MBK Entertainment, Jiyeon's agency, said that rumor was false, KpopHerald reported.

Adding to Jiyeon's agency statement, Jung Joon Young's agency, C9 Entertainment, added that the two were like oppa and dongsaeng and there was no further relationship than that. Hearing the statement of them both denying the rumor, it seems that people got the wrong information. For Jiyeon and Joon Young's fans, they need to wait for further news about their love life.

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