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Jun Ji Hyun Added Up Her Real Estate Collection, Buying A Big Building In Gangnam In Cash

By Siti Fatimah | April 19, 2017 01:24 PM EDT

Jun Ji Hyun bought a building in Gangnam worth 28 million dollars in cash.
Jun Ji Hyun bought a big building in Gangnam. Check out the prize here! (Photo : HAY HO CLIP/YouTube)

Jun Ji Hyun is known to be really rich. This actress got her wealth from her hard work starring in many dramas and movies. She is known to be the big star in K-Pop industry. Recently, she was reported to purchase a building worth a huge amount of money.

On SBS's "One Night of TV Entertainment" aired on Apr. 18, it was reported that Jun Ji Hyun purchased a building in Gangnam worth 28 million USD. It was a great asset as it was close to the airport. Also, she paid the building in cash without asking for a loan, AllKpop reported.

Seeing the location of the building, Jun Ji Hyun has made a really good decision as she made the right investment for her money. The building has added her property collection, gaining her wealth. Jun Ji Hyun has added her wealth when she married a chaebol in real life. As a banker at Bank of America, her husband is known to be really rich, DramaFever reported.

Owning many building, Jun Ji Hyun has built a nice house to live with her family. Even though she is super rich, her taste is quite simple and she is an easy going person, KpopHerald reported. Among other actresses, she was known to be the richest as her drama always got big hit, KdramaStars reported.

In terms of real estate building, everyone has already known that she owns many big building with great numbers of assets. Based on the list of richest celebrities owned building, Jun Ji Hyun was the richest female celebrity among others. She was ranked in number seven, under other male celebrities, AllKpop reported.

Even though she is piling up her wealth in building, but Jun Ji Hyun is also generous. She often donates her money and she once was chosen as the ambassador for charity campaign. Having great heart to help others, she has got much love from her fans.

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