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Luhan Fires Back At Chinese Paparazzi Zhuo Wei After Rumor About Girlfriend & Child Sparks

By Inami | April 20, 2017 05:38 AM EDT

Chinese paparazzi Zhuo Wei has been continuously targeting former EXO members Luhan and Kris. While everyone's almost fed up those crazy rumors, Luhan is keeping his cool responding to the recent malicious rumor.

Recently, Zhuo Wei claimed that Luhan is in a relationship with a girl, with whom he fathered a two-year-old daughter. Many people have been very cynical about Zhuo's remarks since he doesn't have any evidence to back up his statement. Luhan has responded to Zhuo's false rumor with way more cynical statement. The singer admitted he was at first angry when the rumor transpired that he almost wanted to confront Zhuo in person, Allkpop reported. However, he managed not to give any statements that could fire back at him.

On a recent interview with Chinese news outlet, Luhan finally gives a piece of his mind regarding the rumor. He said he only laughed at it eventually thinking how absurd it was for someone claiming about him being a father of a 2-year-old little girl. With his adorable smile, Luhan said sarcastically that he's very impressed with the Chinese best paparazzi's work. To wrap up the interview, Luhan quoted the lyrics of his hit track "Roleplay" saying do it again and I'll lock your mouth.

Even though he's been the victim of malicious rumor, Luhan hasn't decided to take any legal actions against Zhuo Wei. However, Luhan's manager previously has addressed the rumor stating that everyone shouldn't believe the words coming out from Zhuo's mouth. The manager proceeded to say that any so-called news from Zhuo about Luhan or Kris is baseless.

Meanwhile, Kris' representative from his independent label, Kris Wu Studio, has issued a warning via Weibo. Kris Wu Studio warns to take legal actions if Zhuo Wei continues to spread false rumors about Kris. The studio also demands netizens to stop spreading malicious comments and false news that could ruin Kris' reputation. 

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