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TVXQ’s Yunho Reveals His Next Project After Serving In The Military

By Inami | April 20, 2017 07:53 AM EDT

Yunho's Comeback
Yunho is using every time he has now just to chill and enjoy the moment while it lasts. Now that he finished his mandatory military service, the TVXQ member will embark on his old life as an idol. (Photo : TVXQ/Facebook)

TVXQ's Yunho might have been trapped in a dilemma. The idol will be discharged from the military soon, but he hasn't decided what he will do next, considering he has a lot of options to consider.

Yunho is discharged from the military on April 20 after serving in since July 2015, Korea Herald reported. During his service, he received multiple awards such as special class soldier, the best trainee, and honorary citizen of Yangju.

When he was released from his military post, the TVXQ idol stated to the press that he feels excited and nervous as well since it almost feels like he begins the entire career since the beginning. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment stated that as of now there hasn't been any decision for Yunho's next gig after the military. However, the agency is open to any possibilities available for Yunho.

Other TVXQ member, Changmin, will be discharged from the military in four months, until then, Yunho has two major options: releasing a solo music or cast in a drama. According to Soompi, TVXQ has released solo music videos of its album "Rise As God" back in 2015, but the group never had a chance to promote it. Yunho has also dropped his solo mini-album in 2015 although it was only released exclusively for Japanese fan-club members.

Yunho is also considering to play a role in dramas. The idol debuted as an actor in 2009 with MBC's drama "No Limit". Even though his performance in "The Night Watchmen" was criticized for being unnatural, the overall Yunho's act in the drama wrapped up with great reviews.

While Yunho is still contemplating on his next project, one thing for sure, he will be busy to guest-star in multiple variety shows. Yunho may have a lot to talk about his military service given he was awarded multiple times by the military. The management also confirmed that he, in fact, has been invited to guest on several variety shows. 



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