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Sistar's Hyolyn To Become Kim Jong Kook's Love Interest In 'Running Man'

By Staff Writer | April 20, 2017 08:26 AM EDT

Sistar's Hyolyn To Become Kim Jong Kook's Love Interest In 'Running Man'
Sistar’s Hyolyn is reported to star as Kim Jong Kook’s love interest in the variety show, “Running Man”. (Photo : GyunSpirit HMC)

Sistar's Hyolyn is not yet through with all the fame and success that she is in now, as she is also reported to be making a guest appearance in the hit variety show, "Running Man". Reports have it that Hyolyn might be paired with Kim Jong Kook, making her as the possible love interest.

It has also been confirmed by one of the reports that Hyolyn has been said to be busy in filming for "Running Man", and that she is a solo guest of the variety show. She is said to appear in the April 30 episode and will be part of the 3 vs. 3 vs. 3 global project.

Another proof that supports the possibility of Hyolyn becoming the love interest of Kim Jong Kook is during the April 16 episode of "Running Man". In that episode, Lee Kwang Soo frankly reveals that Kim Jong Kook loves and prefers women that feature thick thighs and have a tanned skin.

According to IB Times, Ji Suk Jin then guessed that Sistar's Hyolyn might be the one that Lee Kwang Soo is referring to. During the episode, the casts of the show didn't stop teasing Kim Jong Kook, despite him strongly denying that he has no ideal type of girl.

It also seems highly likely because this has been the trend of the  variety show, where they get to pair ladies with their permanent male stars. Meanwhile, another reason why Lee Jong Kook is always teased in the show is because he is one of the only two single men in the variety show.

Hopefully, the speculations prove to be true because it will surely give the variety show a huge ratings boost and will surely invigorate their fans.

The next "Running Man" episode will be airing on April 23 at SBS.

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