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Sistar's Hyolyn Appears In American Magazine 'GANMA'

By Staff Writer | April 20, 2017 08:29 AM EDT

Sistar's Hyolyn Appears In American Magazine 'GANMA'
Sistar’s Hyolyn has just been featured in the cover of well-known American magazine, “GANMA”. (Photo : Luciana Moss)

Sistar's Hyolyn is indeed in for some streaking success as she has recently posed to become a cover for "GANMA", a popular lifestyle magazine in the U.S. This is the follow up to the U.S. tour that Hyolyn has just been through, which also marked her very first solo concert tour.

The cover of this month's edition of "GANMA" features Hyolyn sporting a stylish workout outfit that is patterned with the letter "H" clad in gold. With this, one can clearly see how she has become one of the well known K-pop faces in the U.S. following her solo concert tour in the country.

In another photos, Hyolyn can be seen with a pink Hermes bracelet on her wrist that bears another big "H" logo, which refers to her name. The designers and producers of the photo shoot indeed knows how to emphasize the stardom that Hyolyn has by using it to style herself with her outfit.

According to All K-pop, Hyolyn also got the chance for an interview for the magazine, where she reveals how she felt with the recently concluded U.S. tour, knowing it was her first time to perform in the U.S.

Just recently, Hyolyn performed for SXSW music festival, as well as signed with Spinnin' Records, a well known global EDM record label. Apart from that, she also has a collaboration with Justin Oh that is for "Jekyll and Hyde".

One of the biggest highlights of Hyolyn's career this year is with her recording collaboration with rapper Changmo, which was released last April 14, and topped the charts.

With all of these being said, there seems to really be no stopping for Hyolyn. Let's just hope that she will continue to chase her dreams and continue to make her fans happy by making and performing lovely and vibrant songs.

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