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2PM's Junho's Success In Acting + JYP Gave Acting Tips To Him

By Siti Fatimah | April 21, 2017 02:41 PM EDT

Junho is a member of 2PM who has been doing acting. His nice acting has got compliments from many stars. Even some directors like his acting because he can play the character really well.

Recently, Junho was invited as a guest on "Radio Star." At the show which was aired on Apr. 19, Junho was asked about Park Jinyoung's reaction towards his acting. He said that his CEO never watched drama but once Park Jinyoung commented on his acting. Park Jinyoung gave acting tips to Junho and also gave many comments when his drama aired, AllKpop reported.

Hearing Junho's statement, the MCs laughed out loud and cemmented that Park Jinyoung should have just monitored his own acting. It seems that Park Jinyoung's acting was considered not really good by the MCs. In fact, Junho is a better actor than JYP in term of role playing. Also, actually Junho was graduated from Ho Won University with a degree in acting, DramaFever reported.

Having a degree in acting, there is no surprise that Junho's acting is really good. He first focused on his activity as a member of 2PM then started his acting a little bit late. Still, many people have recognized his acting skill.

Recently, Junho just played a villain in "Chief Kim." It was like a new image for him as previously he played a bright nice character. His villain character got praised a lot as he could make viewers wondering what would happen to the next plot, Soompi reported.

Being an actor seems to suit Junho really well. He is proven to have multi talented skills. His singing is as good as his acting. His solo debut as a singer was well accepted. His title track "Kimi No Koe" even ranked first on Japan's "Chaku-uta" ringtone. Having great success in singing and acting, his fans keep on growing in numbers.

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