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Suzy Has Started Filming 'While You Were Sleeping' With Lee Jong Suk: Lee Min Ho Was Reported To Be Jealous to Suzy's Co-Lead

By Siti Fatimah | April 21, 2017 07:35 AM EDT

Lee Min Ho was reported to be jealous of Lee Jong Suk.
Lee Min Ho was reported to be jealous of Lee Jong Suk. Check out the details here! (Photo : Jun Ji Le/YouTube)

Bae Suzy has been confirmed to star "While You Were Sleeping" with Lee Jong Suk. Despite the rumor that Lee Min Ho wanted to get closer to Suzy, she accepted the offer as the lead in this drama without any doubt.

Lee Jong Suk is known for his great chemistry to his co-lead in drama. His previous co-leads, like Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye, both complimented him to build chemistry pretty fast. Having years of experience in acting, Lee Jong Suk is hoped to have a great chemistry with Suzy for the hit of "While You Were Sleeping."

When the two were filming their drama, some pictures of them on set were all around internet. People also shared some videos of their togetherness on set. In one picture, Suzy was touching the top of "Pinocchio" actor head, DrameFever reported.. In the picture, Suzy was having short hair, giving a cute look.

The new drama "While You Were Sleeping" that will air this spring is about a girl who is seeing things in her sleep. Seeing a future, one prosecutor, starred by Lee Jong Suk, tries to stop the unfortunate thing to happen. People cannot wait to see how the two play their role.

For Suzy's relationship with Lee Min Ho, there were many rumors surrounding them. Once Lee Min Ho was said to be jealous with Suzy's co-lead in "While You Were Sleeping," Starzpost reported. As the chemistry between Suzy and Lee Jong Suk was really good, people though that Lee Min Ho was a little bit mad about it.

Then, after the rumor about the jealousy, many rumors followed, saying Lee Min Ho and Suzy had a split. Thus, others rumor said that the two looked happy and about to have their marriage soon. Yet, with no official statement, people just need to wait for their clarification. Many of their fans hope that the two stars will end up marrying.

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