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2PM's Junho Talked About His Experience Of Heart Pounding Because Of 'Twenty' Actor Kim Woo Bin's Gestures

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:08 PM EDT

2PM's Junho talked about Kim Woo Bin's nice gestures towards him on "Radio Star."
2PM's Junho was treated nicely by Kim Woo Bin, making his heart pounded. Check out his talk in "Radio Star" here! (Photo : Getty Images/Jag Gundu)

2PM's Junho has been doing really well with his acting. As an idol, many people usually think that turning into an actor is not a good decision. Yet, he can prove to people that his acting is worth to watch. Recently, he talked about his co-lead in "Twenty," Kim Woo Bin, about his caring gestures.

When Junho was the guest for "Radio Star" aired on Apr. 19, he talked about Kim Woo Bin. He said that his co-star in "Twenty" treated him really well. He was escorted him from the street. He once also blocked the sun as it was too bright for Junho. Also, Junho added that Kim Woo Bin gave side dishes for him. Having the caring gestures, once Junho' heart was pounded because of him, AllKpop reported.

Hearing the statement by Junho, many people were laughing at him as it was so hilarious. Being treated nicely, Junho's heart can flatter sometimes. It is not the first time for Kim Woo Bin to treat his male friend nicely. Previously, Kim Woo Bin also treated Lee Jong Suk nicely.

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk were the main leads for drama "School 2013." Even though they were playing the characters in the drama, the relationship of them both is also close. There were many pictures of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk showing that the two were really close, DramaFever reported.

Towards the treatment of Kim Woo Bin, many of his friends think that he is very manly. There is no surprise that Junho once skipped a beat of his heart because of him. Many people compliment Junho for his acting in "Twenty." Even though he was new in acting, he could portray his character naturally.

Recently, Junho was busy for his variety show with 2PM members. Together with other members, they explored Australia through part time jobs. For Junho's fans, they want to see him more in acting and singing before his enlistment for military service.

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