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Kim Chung Ha Shared Her Feeling About Her Solo Debut + Her Experience In Facing Seven Years Of Training

By Siti Fatimah | April 21, 2017 02:41 PM EDT

Kim Chung Ha opened up about her feeling towards the debut with "Week."
Kim Chung Ha was just debuted with "Week." Check out when she told about her feeling here! (Photo : MNH Entertainment/YouTube)

Kim Chung Ha is a talented singer and dancer. For her hard work, she was chosen among 11 contestants to debut as a temporary girl group IOI. Having success to bring fame in the group by her choreographing "Whatta Man" dance, she was just had her solo debut. Recently, she talked about her feeling about the debut.

Kim Chung Ha just released her single debut "Week." The ballad song was out of expectation as everyone predicted that she would release upbeat song with powerful dance. Kim Chungha has been acknowledged for her dance so people might think that way. Yet, with her ballad song, Kim Chun Ha could nail the song with her stable voice.

Recently, Kim Chung Ha did a photo shoot with @star1. During the shoot, she shared a bit of her feeling. She said that she had trained for seven years. Even though it was hard, che could face it well as she was always happy when dancing. About her debut, he was afraid to go solo and though that she would get as much attention as IOI did, AllKpop reported.

During the interview, Kim Chung Ha was also asked about her small label M&H. She said that she fitted well with small label and thus she went to "Produce 101" representing the label confidently.

Kim Chung Ha is truly hard worker. Everyone could see when she was still in "Produce 101." She danced really well and absorbed the teaching fast. Among other members, she often showed her caring for the dongsaengs. Thus, everyone loved her. Kim Chung Ha released her ballad song "Week" on Apr. 20, KpopScene reported. In the MV, she looked lonely spending her days alone.

The response of her song is really good. Only a day after its release, there are already 2000 comments on the video. People give comments on her look and her singing. Despite not seeing her dance, her fans are satisfied with the song and her beautiful face on screen.

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