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Jaden Smith Tweeted He Would Release K-Pop Single In The Next Four Months: People Wonder Whether He Really Wanted To Be A K-Pop Star

By Siti Fatimah | April 21, 2017 02:42 PM EDT

Jaden Smith wanted to release a Kpop single in the next four months.
Jaden Smith tweeted he wanted to release a K-Pop single in the next four months. Check out his love for K-Pop here! (Photo : Getty Images/Rich Polk)

Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith, seems to have a lot of interest in K-Pop. After previously stated his love about music in Korea, recently he shocked everyone with his announcement to debut in K-Pop.

Jaden Smith is a popular Hollywood actor. His acting might come from his father Will Smith. Jaden Smith's acting can be seen when he starred "After Earth," "Karate Kids," "Pursuit of Happiness," and many more. For his singing, people can enjoy his nice voice with his song and collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Doing really well in singing and acting, he seems to want to focus more on music nowadays. Through his Twitter account, he said that he would be dropping a K-Pop single in the next four months, AllKpop reported. Many K-Pop lovers were really surprised about his announcement. They wondered what kind of music he would give.

Previously, Jaden Smith has also spotted showing his love for K-Pop. He had a dream of becoming a K-Pop star. Through his Tweet, he wrote that GD was his big inspiration. In another tweet, he wrote that he wanted to be a K-Pop star, DramaFever reported.

Showing his love many times through his twitter, many of his fans question whether he will really make it or not. For K-Pop lovers, they cannot wait to see what Jaden Smith will give to perform. Previously, Jaden Smith's collaboration with Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" was really well received. Moreover, Jaden also had released twelve hit singles, which made him into a promising singer.

So, with his many tweets about being a K-Pop idol, some people predict that he might want to have a tour in Korea as a Hollywood actor. Or, he might also really want to be a K-Pop star. Having many speculations, nothing is sure until he gives his official statement. People might need to wait for four months until finally he comes out.

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