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April's Chaewon Lost 2KG In 2 Days With This Exercise

By Eddwyn A. | April 28, 2017 09:02 PM EDT

On the fourth episode of April's very own variety show "A-IF-RIL" on Mnet, member Chaewon shared her exercise routine. Chaewon also discussed how she lost 2KG in 2 days!

During April's fourth episode of their variety show "A-IF-RIL", member Chaewon revealed her "secret" exercise routine that made her lose 2KG in 2 days. Apparently, her co-April members did not know about this routine.

As reported by Koreaboo, April's Chaewon revealed that she jumps rope 8,000 staggering times! Other April members were dumbfounded and had no idea that Chaewon could do such exercise.

Chaewon revealed that she accompanies jumping ropes 8,000 times every day with a short term diet. As a result, the April member lost 2KG/4.4LBS in 2 days.

However, Chaewon warned the viewers of the consequences of the exercise. The April member stated that following her intense exercise routine could be very dangerous, especially to those who were just starting to lose weight.

In addition, Chaewon stated that it could be very unhealthy if people could do 8,000 jump ropes a day and could get away with it. If so, a person could lose huge amounts of body weight which could be really risky.

Netizens were then fast to react, stating that it could be really dangerous and "extra" unhealthy than what Chaewon thinks. One netizen stated that one could feel extreme pain to their knees and legs.

One netizen also added how the April member's exercise routine is next to impossible. The netizen also added how it Chaewon's exercise should fall into the "don't try this at home" category.

One netizen even commented that the April member should instead get a licensed personal trainer. The netizen also added how Chaewon should not be bragging about it in front of the media.

April's variety show "A-IF-RIL" recently had its fourth episode on Tuesday, April 25. According to Soompi, the show first aired on April 4. The group is set for a comeback in May. 

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