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Produce 101 Season 2 Contestants To Hold 2 Concerts After Show's Finale, As Confirmed By CJ E&M

By Eddwyn A. | April 28, 2017 09:03 PM EDT

Good news for Produce 101 fans! Contestants from Produce 101 Season 2 will be attending a concert shortly after the show ends.

This was confirmed by CJ E&M via a statement released on Wednesday, April 26, as reported by Soompi. According to the statement, the concert tour will be their way of honoring the second season of Produce 101.

In their statement, Produce 101 contestants will be holding 2 concerts in Korea. However, there will be no concert happening overseas. Sorry, international fans.

CJ E&M also added in their statement that they will only select a number of Produce 101 Season 2 contestants to participate in the concert. In that regards, the agency stated that they are trying to include as many contestants to join the concert as possible.

CJ E&M also clarified what the media has been reporting recently, saying that producers from Produce 101 will hold a selection process to pick who will attend the concert. "...there is no separate selection process for choosing the trainees that will attend the concert," said CJ E&M.

CJ E&M finally added that details for the Produce 101 Season concert will be released sometime in May. As reported by Koreaboo, Produce 101 Season 2 is set to air their final episode on Friday, June 16.

Produce 101 is Korea's first ever large-scale project. 101 contestants from various agencies are called onto the show to produce a new K-pop group.

The first season of Produce 101 featured 101 female trainees from various agencies. The results of the first season bore fruit to the girl group I.O.I.

I.O.I had a total of 11 members, including the fan favorite Jeon Somi. Somi is among the 4 Produce 101 contestants who received a total of more than 1.2 million votes in Episode 8.

The second season of Produce 101 is now composed of 101 male trainees from various agencies. Produce 101 Season 2 is currently in its fourth episode.

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