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PSY Collaborates With G-Dragon, Taeyang, Lee Sung Kyung, iKON & Tablo For Comeback Album; 'Gangnam Style' Singer To Release Album May 10

By Angie Chui | May 09, 2017 03:26 AM EDT

PSY may have made his fans wait for a year and a half before coming out with a new album but his latest material comes stacked with high-end collaborations. It is said that no less than superstars G-Dragon, Taeyang, Tablo and Lee Sung Kyung will be featured artists in PSY's comeback album.

According to a report by Korea Herald, PSY's upcoming studio album will be entitled "4X2=8" which may be a play on the number 8, as the new album is the artist's eighth studio album. The comeback album promises to be an exciting one given the amount of talent featured in the lineup. The roster also shows the collaboration of artists under the YG Entertainment label.

PSY, who recently started his official Instagram account, seemed to have been hinting at teasers for his upcoming album. It could be recalled that he posted snaps of himself and G-Dragon as they worked together as well as included group snaps with other YG artists, Kpopstarz reported.  It comes as an even bigger surprise that BIG BANG's Taeyang had also pitched in to support his YG senior.

But even more exciting is the fact that PSY is again collaborating with Tablo who worked with him on his megahit "Gangnam Style". This time around, Tablo and PSY have come out with the track "Auto Reverse" which promises to be another hit in the making, especially since "Gangnam Style" producer Yu Gun Hyung also helped produce some of the tracks for the album.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star Lee Sung Kyung, for her part, will be featured in PSY's track "Last Scene." Fellow YG artists B.I. and Bobby or iKON will also be featured on the track "Bomb."

PSY's new album will also feature two title tracks, "New Face" and I Luv It." It has previously been reported that PSY will release two music videos, with one featuring his good friend and GI Joe star Lee Byung Hun. The other video will feature Son Naeun of APINK, Soompi reported Soompi.

PSY will release "4X2=8" on May 10. He will also be appearing on "Ask Us Anything" and "Fantastic Duo" to promote the album shortly after its release. PSY's eighth studio album comes in the wake of his album "Psy-DA" which spawned the hit dance track "Daddy."

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