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Son Dam Bi Wants To Lose More Weight Even Though She Is Already Thin

By Siti Fatimah | May 18, 2017 12:25 PM EDT

Son Dam Bi wants to lose weight when she is already skinny.
Son Dam Bi just appeared on "Stargam 2." She revealed she wanted to lose weight. Netizens are worried about her health because she is already skinny. (Photo : PLEDIS OFFICIAL/YouTube)

Son Dam Bi just made an appearance when she became the guest on SBS Plus' "Stargam 2." She revealed shocking statement, saying to lose more weight even though she is already very thin. Netizens worry that she might have a health problem for doing an extreme diet.

Son Dam Bi looked very skinny in her short sleeveless black dress. On SBS Plus' "Stargam 2," the host asked what she wanted to lose. She answered that she wanted to lose more weight. She also added that she tried exercise and all to lose weight, AllKpop reported.

Netizens reacted to her statement by sending many comments. Mostly, they were worried about her health. If she went too far with her diet, she could get a health problem. Netizens also compared her with UEE who was previously underweight due to an extreme diet. Some netizens commented that it could be an illness to lose more weight when one was already too thin.

This is not the first time netizens caught Son Dam Bi having drastic weight loss. Last year, netizens pointed out her skinny figure when she finished filming SBS Drama, "Mrs. Cop 2." Netizens compared her old and new pictures and found the big difference in her figure.

Celebrities need to be in their best shapes in order to work in entertainment industry. But doing extreme diet may cause a health problem. After School's UEE was also reported having drastic weight loss. She lost her chubby cheek and her body was way too skinny, One Hallyu reported.

Netizens are worried about the drastic weight loss of some celebrities. Some celebrities revealed they have done some extreme diet methods, like banana diet, too much exercise, eating only once a day, and much more.

Whether it is needed to perform fit in front of the fans, it is also important to have a fit body. Thus, a healthy diet is needed. Netizens hope that Son Dam Bi can take care of her health.

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