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Hwang Chi Yeol's 'Be Ordinary' Is Anything But Ordinary; Artist Tugs At Heartstrings With 'A Daily Song' MV [WATCH]

By Angie Chui | June 16, 2017 04:48 PM EDT

To say that Hwang Chi Yeol's comeback is one of the most anticipated return in the k-pop scene is an understatement. It is no wonder that his comeback track "A Daily Song" easily stole the hearts of his fans as soon as its MV was released.

According to All Kpop, fans waited for 10 years before Hwang Chi Yeol's return but his mini album "Be Ordinary" is the total opposite of his comeback title. While the title encourages Hwang Chi Yeol's fans to embrace the ordinary, the extraordinary singer displays his amazing vocals and his artistry in his dramatic new song " A Daily Song."

In Hwang Chi Yeol's "A Daily Song" projects a depth of feeling and passion that the singer clearly depicts through dramatic scenery and his own storytelling. The expert vocalist evokes feelings from his listeners that only a seasoned artist like himself is able to compel.

Based on early reports, Hwang Chi Yeol's album already reached 100,000 units as soon as the music sites opened to accept orders. This came as no surprise because of the decade long wait that his fans have had to endure before getting new material from the artist.

According to Korea Portal, the reason why Hwang Chi Yeol's albums are selling like pancakes is because his songs depict topics that are relatable to the audience. Most of his subjects include daily experiences in daily life that he shares with the rest of his fans. He also puts a personal stamp on his albums, using his own photographs and snapshots making audiences identify with him as an artist and as a person.

Hwang Chi Yeol's latest album "Be Ordinary" is composed mainly of sad and dramatic songs which sets it apart from current trends in music. The veteran artist, who is also known for coaching many current K-pop idols has a style that transcends genres.

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