Han Ye Seul Models “Decke” Bags For Cosmopolitan’s November Issue

Fashion & Style 10.30.14 | 08:27AM EDT

Find out where to buy the Decke purses Han Ye Seul posed with for Cosmopolitan’s November Issue.

Trend Alert: Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers Take Over K-Pop

Daily Style Tips / Where to Buy? 10.30.14 | 08:25AM EDT

Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers are a hot trend in K-pop and you can buy affordable, similar shoes.

Big Three Korean Entertainment Companies Going Up Against Each Other In November

Editorial 10.30.14 | 07:55AM EDT

Korea's top three record labels YG, SM, and JYP will turn up the pressure this November with high profile comebacks and debuts.

LEDApple Members Hanbyul, Kyumin & Kwangyeon To Be Replaced By New Members In 2015

Buzz 10.30.14 | 07:49AM EDT

K-Pop idol band LEDApple will see some lineup changes in the new year as three members will be replaced.

JYP Entertainment To Hold Year-End Auditions In China

Concert / Event 10.30.14 | 07:26AM EDT

Korean agency JYP Entertainment will be holding auditions in China to look for new recruits for their training program in Seoul.

SPICA To Make A November Comeback With 'Ghost'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 07:23AM EDT

SPICA is teaming up with production team Sweetune for their comeback in November.

FIESTAR Member Cao Lu Prepares To Break Into The Chinese Entertainment Industry

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 07:07AM EDT

FIESTAR's Cao Lu will begin he career in China with a TV appearance on a popular fashion and beauty show.

Akdong Musician Releases Teaser Clip For Their First Concert Tour

Concert / Event 10.30.14 | 06:56AM EDT

Brother-sister duo Akdong Musician released their first teaser for their upcoming "AKMU Camp," the pair's first solo concert.

Soyou, A Love Triangle With Junggigo And Mad Clown?

SNS 10.30.14 | 03:01AM EDT

SISTAR's ember Soyou revealed pictures with Junggigo and Mad Clown, creating a love triangle.

Younha, Leaving 'Starry Night' Radio To "Focus On Albums For Now"

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 03:00AM EDT

Singer Younha will be leaving her DJ position of MBC FM "Star Night".

miss A Min, Bright Yellow Hair 'Not A Wig'

SNS 10.30.14 | 02:58AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Min revealed her unique hair color.

B.I.G Reveals Their Lively Filming Set

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 02:58AM EDT

Group B.I.G revealed pictures from their waiting room for MBC Music "Show! Champion".

'K-Pop Star 3' Nam Young Joo & Almeng, Collaboration Stage 'How Was It?'

SNS 10.30.14 | 02:48AM EDT

Singer Nam Young Joo and the co-ed duo Almeng revealed a picture taken together.

Boyfriend Donghyun, Appearing On 'Love Frequency 37.2'

Drama 10.30.14 | 02:45AM EDT

Group Boyfriend's member Donghyun will be making a special appearance on MBC Everyone drama "Love Frequency 37.2".

BEAST Yang Yoseob, Tired Because Of Jet Lag 'Heavy Eyelids'

SNS 10.30.14 | 02:43AM EDT

BEAST's member Yang Yoseob revealed his tired state.

Uee, Baseball Game Opening Pitch "I Practiced A Lot, I Wish I Did Better"

Headlines 10.30.14 | 02:43AM EDT

Girl group After School's member Uee opened the baseball game of Nexen Heroes and LG Twins held on October 28 by throwing the first ball.

SISTAR Dasom, Seductive + Chic Pictorial For Fall

Fashion & Style 10.30.14 | 02:30AM EDT

SISTAR's member Dasom showed off her chic charm in a photo shoot.

VIXX Member Update: Cyborg Comeback, Upcoming U.S. Tour & 'VIXX TV' Season 2

Weekly Wrap Up 10.29.14 | 08:20PM EDT

What is up with VIXX?

Release Date Pending For Shin Hae Chul's Secret Final Song '90's Icon' As Fans And Colleagues Continue To Mourn Iconic Singer's Death

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.29.14 | 08:13PM EDT

Shin Hae Chul secretly recorded a collaboration song called '90's Icon' with other legendary Korean stars Seo Taiji, Kim Jong Seo, and Lee Seung Hwan.

YG Entertainment's Latest 'Who's Next?' Teaser Offers Several Tantalizing Options

Editorial 10.29.14 | 06:52PM EDT

A second teaser image from YG Entertainment is calling on fans to guess which of the company's artists will be the next to release new music. Who could it be? Let's weigh our options.

K-Pop Double-Take: Ailee Shows Off Her Rap Skills On 'Hueng Hai' From Gaeko Of Dynamic Duo's New Solo Album 'REDINGRAY' [AUDIO]

New Release 10.29.14 | 05:20PM EDT

Though known to most fans purely as a gifted singer, Korean-American K-pop star Ailee slays it in a brief rap verse on the Gaeko track "Hueng Hai" from his new solo album "REDINGRAY," released on Oct. 17.

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