Jeon In Kwon Says His Deulgookhwa Days Are Over

Interviews 08.22.14 | 07:34AM EDT

Singer Jeon In Kwon said he has ended his career with his former band, Deulgookhwa.

Huh Gak Participates In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

SNS 08.22.14 | 07:31AM EDT

Singer Huh Gak participated in the ice bucket challenge.

Bestie Participates In The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

SNS 08.22.14 | 07:30AM EDT

Girl group Bestie participated in the ice bucket challenge.

K-Drama OST Roundup: Melody Day Sings For The ‘Fated To Love You’ Soundtrack

Stars on TV / Movies 08.22.14 | 07:30AM EDT

Trio Melody Day appear on the ‘Fated to Love You’ soundtrack, while Ulala Session sing for ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’

Who Will Stop Jang Beom Jun's Music Success?

Editorial 08.22.14 | 07:29AM EDT

The Busker Busker singer is dominating the music charts - who will be able to overtake the top spot?

BTS Says They Will Not Change Lyrics Despite KBS's Ineligible Ruling Of Their Songs

Music Show / Music Chart 08.22.14 | 07:25AM EDT

Group BTS said they will not change the lyrics despite KBS announcing that their lyrics were not acceptable.

Super Junior’s Wonderful & Slightly Strange Comeback Concepts

Editorial 08.22.14 | 07:17AM EDT

Super Junior has had some interesting concepts since their debut in 2005.

'M! Countdown' Highlights: WINNER Beats Block B And Wins #1 On The August 21, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

Music Show / Music Chart 08.22.14 | 07:16AM EDT

WINNER has won their first trophy on the August 21, 2014 episode of 'M! Countdown.'

Red Velvet Members Explain What Type Of Guys They Like

Buzz 08.22.14 | 07:15AM EDT

Want to know what type of guys the members of Red Velvet like?

Ailee Changes Into A Rapper In Duet With Swings

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.22.14 | 07:10AM EDT

Singer Ailee became a rapper.

LPG Forms A Unit Group To Hit Chinese Market

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 08.22.14 | 07:08AM EDT

Girl group LPG will form a unit for the first time.

miss A Suzy Sports Various Ways To Wear A Varsity Jacket For MLB

Fashion & Style 08.22.14 | 06:50AM EDT

miss A's Suzy projects her boyish and sporty side in her latest campaign photo for sports brand MLB.

SECRET Song Jieun Is A Sleeping Beauty?

SNS 08.22.14 | 04:27AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Song Jieun falling asleep was shown.

SECRET Hyosung Joins The Ice Bucket Challenge

SNS 08.22.14 | 04:24AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's leader Hyosung joined the ice bucket challenge campaign.

SECRET Sunhwa, Pictures From 'Marriage Not Dating' Filming Set Released "Goddess Not Sunhwa?"

Drama 08.22.14 | 04:23AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Sunhwa who took her step into acting successfully was seen in behind-the-scene photos of her drama.

B.A.P, Become 'Sexy Men' With Flowers? Pictorial Released

Fashion & Style 08.22.14 | 04:21AM EDT

Group B.A.P's leader Bang Yongguk showed off his sexy charm.

JYJ Junsu, "A Part Of The Income From Hotel Will Be Used For The Marginalized"

Headlines 08.22.14 | 04:17AM EDT

Group JYJ's member Junsu opened a new hotel in Jeju Island and revealed that a part of his income will be used to do a sharing project for the marginalized.

Suzy, Waiting Room Selfie... Pouting With Coffee

SNS 08.22.14 | 04:16AM EDT

Girl group miss A's member Suzy revealed a self-camera photo taken in the waiting room.

BoA Shows Off Her Body In Photo Shoot

Fashion & Style 08.22.14 | 04:16AM EDT

Singer BoA showed off her body.

Kim Tae Woo Joins The Ice Bucket Challenge "Ice Rain Is Falling," Challenges Kim Yuna

Buzz 08.22.14 | 04:15AM EDT

Kim Tae Woo joined the ice bucket challenge.

L-O-V-E! New Boy Group ZEST Stickers 'So Cute'

SNS 08.22.14 | 04:14AM EDT

The new boy group ZEST stickers made by their fans are catching much attention.

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