Apink Says ‘Bye Bye’ In Latest Japanese Music Video

News 03.26.17 | 07:15AM EDT

Aprink Japanese MV

Kris Wu

Kris Models For Luxury Brand BVLGARI

News 03.26.17 | 07:13AM EDT

Kris Wu brand ambassador for BVLGARI

Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk Reveals His Wife Sleeps Instead Of Watching Him Act on 'Taxi': Actor Quits Bad Habits For Daughter

Buzz 03.26.17 | 06:47AM EDT

Jang Hyuk appeared on tvN's 'Taxi' and revealed how instead of watching him act, his wife sleeps instead.

12.31.69 | 07:00PM EST

12.31.69 | 07:00PM EST

12.31.69 | 07:00PM EST

SHINee World V

SHINee Try To Bridge Language Barrier Between North American Fans in Canada

News 03.26.17 | 06:46AM EDT

SHINee members try their best in bridging the language gap between them and their North American fans in a concert in Canada.

Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo Young States 'No Stress' For SBS Drama 'Whisper' Ratings, Thanks Husband Ji Sung For Unwavering Support

News 03.25.17 | 08:29PM EDT

Actress Lee Bo Young reveals on a press conference that she is not worried after "Whisper" ratings and thanks husband Ji Sung for his endless support.

Cha Tae Hyun will be a director for the first time on

Cha Tae Hyun Will Be A Director For The First Time On 'The Best Hit,' Also Plays As An Actor

Breaking News 03.25.17 | 08:29PM EDT

Cha Tae Hyun will be a director and an actor at the same time on "The Best Hit." Check out more here!

The reason why Bambam wanted JYP whisper to be removed from

Bambam Wanted JYP Whisper To Be Removed From 'Never Ever'

Breaking News 03.25.17 | 08:26PM EDT

GOT7's comeback song "Never Ever" was originally with JYP whisper. But Bambam wanted it to be removed. Read the reason here!

Seven restaurants and cafes owned by K-Pop idols.

Seven Amazing Restaurants And Cafes Owned By K-Pop Idols

Breaking News 03.25.17 | 08:25PM EDT

Some idols invest their money in restaurant. Check it out here!

AKMU got a huge success on the first day of

AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of 'Diary' Concert In Seoul

Breaking News 03.25.17 | 08:09PM EDT

AKMU just held their "Diary" concert in Seoul. It was a huge success with big satisfaction from audience.


Details On TWICE’s Japanese Debut Showcase Released

News 03.25.17 | 05:36AM EDT

TWICE Japanese debut

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl Begins Teasing For Their Upcoming Comeback

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.25.17 | 05:33AM EDT

Oh My Girl teaser for upcoming comeback

Black Panther

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Being Filmed In Busan!

Stars on TV / Movies 03.25.17 | 05:29AM EDT

Black Panther filmed in Busan

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun Signs New Contract Under Hollywood's United Talent Agency: Actor to Star With Park Bo Gum In A Historical Movie "

Headlines 03.25.17 | 03:13AM EDT

Korean actor Lee Byung Hun has just signed a new contract under Hollywood's United Talent Agency: Actor to also star with Park Bo Gum in the historical movie "Ansi Fortress: Fortress of Abandoned People"


BIGBANG's Taeyang Always Blames Himself Everytime They Fight With S/O Min Hyo Rin

Buzz 03.25.17 | 03:12AM EDT

BIGBANG's Taeyang reveals on "Radio Star" that he always blames himself whenever they fight with girlfriend Min Hyo Rin.

Somi revealed that Se Jung liked to touch her during

Kim Se Jung And Jeon Somi Revealed Funny Story Between Them On 'Happy Together 3'

Breaking News 03.24.17 | 04:49PM EDT

Kim Se Jung talked that she liked touching Somi because she had a hot body. Check both Se Jung and Somi being the guest on "Happy Together 3!"

GOT7 chose the right singers on

Got7 Broke The Spell Of JYP Curse To Guess Correctly On 'I Can See Your Voice 4'

Breaking News 03.24.17 | 04:57PM EDT

Got7 made an appearance as guests on "I Can See Your Voice 4." Check out here when the members guessed the right singers!

GOT7's Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae sang their heart out covering Bigbang's

Got7 Maknae Lines Have Killed The Cover Of Bigbang's 'Loser' With Bambam's Funny High Tone

Talk Show 03.24.17 | 04:16PM EDT

Got7 has just come to "Hongki's Kiss the Radio." The group did a hilarious cover singing battle.


CNBLUE Returns With Their Latest Track ‘Between Us’

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.24.17 | 07:36AM EDT

CNBLUE newest MV

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