Henry, Restaurant Tour In Japan With Heechul And Kyuhyun "Delicious"

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:30AM EDT

Super Junior M's member Henry went on a restaurant tour in Japan with members Heechul and Kyuhyun.

EXO Sehun & Tao, Twin Fashion With Destroyed Jeans 'V In The Sky'

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:27AM EDT

EXO's members Sehun and Tao revealed their twin-like fashion.

2AM Comes Back With A Deeper, More Emotional Sound On 'Let's Talk'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.31.14 | 01:25AM EDT

Group 2AM came back as a deeper group.

Um Ki Joon, 'Happy Smile' Upon Yoo In Young & Kim So Hyun's Visit To His Musical

SNS 10.31.14 | 01:23AM EDT

Actor Um Ki Joon revealed a picture with actresses Yoo In Young and Kim So Hyun who visited him at his musical.

S Members Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon & Shin Hye Sung Reveal The Stories They Wanted To Tell

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 10:47PM EDT

S has been gaining a lot of attention for their recent comeback after an 11-year hiatus and the members reveal a little bit about what story their are trying to tell with their latest album.

Super Junior Heechul Reveals Story Behind 'His Woman' Son Dam Bi

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 10:34PM EDT

Close friends Heechul and Son Dam Bi have a long and playful history together.

SECRET Sunhwa Compares Herself To Other Acting Idols f(x) Krystal & Girls' Generation Sooyoung

Press Conference 10.30.14 | 10:28PM EDT

Sunhwa talked about how it feels to be the female lead in her upcoming drama.

Actor Lee Dong Wook Reveals His Former Nickname, 'White Pig'

Variety 10.30.14 | 10:18PM EDT

"Roommate" cast member Lee Dong Wook talks about his embarrassing former nickname.

'Cantabile Tomorrow' Stars Joo Won & Shin Eun Kyung Featured On 'Entertainment Relay'

Talk Show 10.30.14 | 10:11PM EDT

The 'Cantabile Tomorrow' stars reveal all

Kangnam Was A Bad Boy? M.I.B Singer Reveals He Was Kicked Out Of High School

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 09:35PM EDT

He might be a star now, but M.I.B member Kangnam revealed that high school wasn't a good time for him.

M.I.B Kangnam Reveals His Love Of Variety Shows

Stars on TV / Movies 10.30.14 | 09:27PM EDT

A budding variety star in his own right, Kangnam reveals that he also is a big fan of watching variety shows on TV.

f(x) Amber To Perform Alongside Zhoumi For Debut Stages On This Week's Music Shows

Music Show / Music Chart 10.30.14 | 09:11PM EDT

f(x) Amber will be collaborating with Zhoumi for his upcoming debut stage

g.o.d Member Kim Tae Woo To Perform A Solo Concert This November In New York City

Concert / Event 10.30.14 | 09:09PM EDT

K-Pop vocalist Kim Tae Woo will deliver a solo concert in Manhattan, this November.

K-Pop Crossover: 'Night Crawlers' Singer Jerico 'Of The Angels' DeAngelo Scares Up Some Halloween Hallyu Love [EXCLUSIVE]

Hot Issues 10.30.14 | 06:18PM EDT

EDM Artist Jericho DeAngelo huddled with KpopStarz earlier this week for some exclusive Halloween musings on Hallyu, which he hardly finds frightening at all.

Review: Why Gogoboys New Single 'Suddenly Romance' Has Everything You Could Want In A Korean Indie Song [VIDEO]

New Release 10.30.14 | 05:29PM EDT

"Suddenly Romance," the new single by Gogoboys, has everything one could want from a non-mainstream Korean song. It has a mellow-but-steady upbeat pace to the melody and a music video which isn't all flash and glam.

K-Hip-Hop Throwback: Korean-American Rapper Dumbfoundead Keeps It Real On The 2011 Track 'Cool And Calm' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 10.30.14 | 04:11PM EDT

Dumbfoundead is one rapper not afraid to reveal his own life and reflect on his own personal growth in his lyrics. This is particularly true about the track "Cool and Calm" off of his 2011 album "DFD."

Twitter Sparks Another Breakup Rumor Between Nichkhun Of 2PM And Tiffany Of Girls' Generation

Trends 10.30.14 | 01:39PM EDT

In the era of social media, even the slightest remark can spark rumors, and 2PM's Nichkhun is the latest to feel the impact of one simple tweet.

MC Mong Releases His New Album Cover 'Miss Me Or Diss Me'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 12:30PM EDT

Singer MC Mong chose his title song of his upcoming album as, "Miss Me or Diss Me."

Kim So Eun Warns Her Fans To Delete Fake Social Media Accounts

Issues 10.30.14 | 12:27PM EDT

Actress Kim So Eun showed rage at a fake Instagram as her name.

Yoon Hyun Sang And IU Release A Music Video Teaser For 'When Would It Be'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 10.30.14 | 12:26PM EDT

Singer Yoon Hyun Sang and IU's debut title song "When would it be" teaser was released.

'Shine Or Go Crazy' Offers History, Fantasy And Some Fairy Tale Romance

News 10.30.14 | 12:25PM EDT

Oh Yeon Seo is considering the role of a princess who can lift the curse that plagues Jang Hyuk's king.

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