Baek Chung Kang To Make Comeback In September

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:31AM EDT

Baek Chung Kang will make a comeback after two years.

MC Sniper Releases His New Album 'B-Kite 1'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:29AM EDT

MC Sniper will make a comeback with a new mini album, B-Kite 1.

Shin Ji Hoon Releases A Teaser For Her New Song 'Cry Baby'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:28AM EDT

Singer Shin Ji Hoon released a teaser for "Cry baby."

2PM Releases Teaser Images For Upcoming Album 'GO CRAZY!'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:27AM EDT

Group 2PM released teaser images after announcing their comeback date, September 15.

Secret Gains Attention With Their Point Choreographies

Music Show / Music Chart 09.02.14 | 03:26AM EDT

Girl group Secret's unique point choreography is making a hit.

Yoon Jong Shin To Start His First Nation Tour

Concert / Event 09.02.14 | 03:25AM EDT

Singer and producer Yoon Jong Shin will have his first nation tour.

MC the MAX To Release An OST For 'It's Okay It's Love'

Drama 09.02.14 | 03:24AM EDT

MC the MAX will participate in SBS "It's okay, It's love" OST.

Pirates' Hits 6 Million Taking First In Box Office

Movies 09.02.14 | 03:19AM EDT

The movie "Pirates" is taking first in the box office.

SISTAR Reveals Their 'I Swear' Dance MV

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:14AM EDT

Girl group SISTAR shared a practice video of "I Swear."

HIGH4 Releases A New Mini Album 'HI-HI'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 03:13AM EDT

Boy group HIGH4 released their first mini album HI-HIGH.

Jung Yeop, Holding 'Soul Food' Concert With Chef Sam Kim 'Donating All Of The Profit'

Concert / Event 09.02.14 | 03:08AM EDT

Singer Jung Yeop and his best friend chef Sam Kim will be holding a food concert 'Soul Food' where music and food come together.

Orange Caramel, Where Is The End To 'Do It Like I Do'?

Headlines 09.02.14 | 02:58AM EDT

Girl group Orange Caramel has been bringing joy to music fans with the many different themes of their song "Do It Like I Do".

Jokwon, Support For 2PM's New Album "2PM 'Go Crazy'!"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 02:58AM EDT

Group 2AM's member Jokwon showed his love for his partner group 2PM.

G-Dragon Attends Culture Chanel Exhibition... Gold Fashion

Headlines 09.02.14 | 02:54AM EDT

Group Big Bang's member G-Dragon attended the Culture Chanel Exhibition.

From Shim Hyung Tak To Skull & Haha... Relay Message Encouraging MC Sniper's Comeback!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 09.02.14 | 02:52AM EDT

Rapper MC Sniper was cheered on by many of his close celebrity friends.

Super Junior Kangin-Lee Teuk, Same Frowning Face 'Twins'

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:51AM EDT

Group Super Junior's members Kangin and Lee Teuk revealed a twin-like photo.

Roy Kim, Adorable Picture With Puppy

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:50AM EDT

Singer Roy Kim revealed a picture taken with his pet puppy.

Hong Jin Young, See-Through Shirt 'Sexy + Cute'

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:50AM EDT

Singer Hong Jin Young revealed a sexy yet cute self-camera photo.

SECRET Song Jieun, 'Increased Beauty' In Selfie

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:49AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Song Jieun showed off her beauty in a self-camera photo.

Heechul, Love For SHINee Taemin "Taemin Is Love"

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:48AM EDT

Super Junior's member Heechul revealed his affection for SHINee's member Taemin that came back as a solo.

Lucid Fall, Getting Married "A Bit Late, But I'm Thankful"

SNS 09.02.14 | 02:47AM EDT

Musician Lucid Fall revealed his marriage plans.

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