Psy Filming Music Video For Comeback Single 'Daddy' After 'Hangover' Success

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 07.29.14 | 05:25PM EDT

After experiencing a "Hangover," Psy is gearing up for his official comeback with "Daddy."

Kwon Sang Woo May Next Work In China

News 07.29.14 | 02:08PM EDT

The actor's agency says they are considering a film that is a Korean-Chinese collaboration.

No Min Woo Shares His Aerobics Fashion

SNS 07.29.14 | 01:24PM EDT

Singer and actor No Min Woo posted a cute selfie.

"Sea Fog" Park Yoo Chun Says He Felt Pressure For His First Movie

Movies 07.29.14 | 01:24PM EDT

JYJ Park Yoo Chun said he felt a lot of pressure for his first movie.

VIXX Hongbin Meets His Favorite Singer Park Hyo Shin

SNS 07.29.14 | 01:17PM EDT

Boy group VIXX member Hongbin took a picture with Park Hyo Shin.

K-Pop Double-Take: Idiotape Blends Rock And EDM With Ease On 'With The Flow' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 07.29.14 | 01:16PM EDT

Idiotape's innovative combination of rock and electronic dance music is on clear display on "With The Flow"

Lee Hi Shares Two Surprised Selfies

SNS 07.29.14 | 01:09PM EDT

Singer Lee Hi posted a surprised selfie.

Jewelry Yewon Shares A Shining Selfie

SNS 07.29.14 | 01:05PM EDT

Girl group Jewelry member Yewon showed off her shining beauty.

2AM Jo Kwon Shows Off His Friendship With Actresses And Singer Visiting His Musical

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:57PM EDT

2AM Jo Kwon showed off his golden friendship with other celebrities through his musical.

Crayon Pop Comic Books To Be Released At The End Of The Month

Headlines 07.29.14 | 12:49PM EDT

A comic book will be published with girl group Crayon Pop.

Super Junior-M Henry Introduces His New Monkey Friend

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:48PM EDT

Super Junior M Henry shared a cute and innocent photo of himself.

ZE:A Taehun To Debut As A Mixed Martial Arts Player

Interviews 07.29.14 | 12:40PM EDT

Group ZE:A member Kim Tae Hun will begin in Mix Martial Arts.

BEAST Yong Joon Hyung Looking Like A Model Just Sitting On The Ground

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:40PM EDT

BEAST Yong Joon Hyung showed off his upscale fashion choices.

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Posts A 7th Year Anniversary Selfie

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:36PM EDT

Girls' Generation Sooyoung posted a selfie of all the members for their 7th year anniversary.

T-ARA Hyomin Posts A Cute Rolled Up Bangs Selfie

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:33PM EDT

Girl group T-ARA member Hyomin posted a cute selfie.

MBLAQ Seungho Says He Wants To Leave On A Trip

SNS 07.29.14 | 12:33PM EDT

Boy group MBLAQ member Seungho posted a picture of himself.

SISTAR Limited Edition Phone Case To Be Released

Headlines 07.29.14 | 12:24PM EDT

Girl group SISTAR will release a limited phone case.

GOT7 Mark Says He Can Get Beaten By Youngjae If He Gets Close To Suzy

Buzz 07.29.14 | 12:24PM EDT

GOT7 member Mark said if he got close to miss A Suzy, he would get beaten by Youngjae.

Five Fun Facts About Kim Yoo Jung

News 07.29.14 | 12:03PM EDT

By the time she reached fifth grade, the actress had appeared in 13 television dramas and 15 films.

Kim Jaejoong Has No Time For A Girlfriend

News 07.29.14 | 11:58AM EDT

Between acting and singing his schedule is too crowded for dating.

Jung Il Woo Is Terrible At Dancing

News 07.29.14 | 11:54AM EDT

When choosing future roles, the actor is certain of only one thing.

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