Jo In Sung

Bromance In Peril? Jo In Sung Admits To Being Upset With Song Joong Ki

Breaking News 05.29.17 | 06:03AM EDT

The bromance of Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwangsoo is one of the most popular celebrity friendships in Korean entertainment, dating back from years ago. But even best friends sometimes feel disappointed in each other and Jo In Sung recently shared an incident where he felt disappointed with the "Descendants of the Sun" actor.

Nam Tae Hyun

YG Boss Yang Hyun Suk Approves Of Nam Tae Hyun's Single 'Hug Me,' Promotes Former WINNER Vocalist's Song On Instagram

Breaking News 05.29.17 | 06:00AM EDT

Contrary to speculations that former WINNER main vocalist Nam Tae Hyun and YG Entertainment parted ways on a sour note last year, it seems that the label and its former artist really did part amicably. YG Entertainment boss Yang Hyun Suk recently showed his support by endorsing Nam Tae Hyun's latest single "Hug Me" on his Instagram account.


GOT7's 'My Swagger' Topped Music Charts In Japan

Breaking News 05.28.17 | 10:46PM EDT

GOT7 just released a Japanese single "My Swagger" and it topped Japanese charts for four days in a row. Check it out!

Sehun received many expensive presents on his 3rd birthday.

EXO's Sehun Received Expensive Presents From His Fans On His 23rd Birthday

Breaking News 05.28.17 | 08:17PM EDT

EXO;s Sehun received presents from famous brand names from his fans on his 23rd birthday. Check it out!

ARMYs want BTS to perform at

ARMY Wants BTS To Perform At '2017 MTV Video Music Awards'

Breaking News 05.28.17 | 08:15PM EDT

ARMYs started to tweet on hashtag #BTSforVMAs so that they boys will perform at "2017 MTV Video Music Awards." Check it out!

CL is featured in Lil Yachty's new track

CL Is Featured In Lil Yachty's New Song 'Surrender To You'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.27.17 | 07:31PM EDT

The song "Surrender to You" by Lil Yachty feat. CL is out. CL The combination of CL's voice and Lil Yachty's rap is amazing.

Kim Jong Kook and Haha will open a porkk belly restaurant together.

Kim Jong Kook & Haha Will Open A Pork Belly Restaurant Together

Breaking News 05.26.17 | 07:19PM EDT

Kim Jong Kook and Haha are reported to open a restaurant together. They plan to serve the customers themselves on the opening day.

24K released full MV of

24K Released Full MV Of 'Only You' With Manly Concept & Powerful Dance Moves

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.26.17 | 01:38PM EDT

24K just released the full MV of their new song "Only You." The boys did really well with their manly concept.

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Split: Mystery Woman Threatens Relationship Of Song Song Couple?

Breaking News 05.26.17 | 12:43PM EDT

They haven't even admitted to having a relationship but rumored sweethearts Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are reportedly headed for splitsville. This came after the "Descendants of the Sun" actor was reportedly spotted with a mystery woman on Instagram.


iKON Draws Criticism Following Poor Performance On Korean Music Charts

Music Show / Music Chart 05.26.17 | 03:11AM EDT

iKON sparks criticism following their performance on music charts lately. Their latest tracks were only able to land on the Top 100 list despite the big name of its label, YG Entertainment.

Song Joong Ki

Why Won't Song Joong Ki Pick Up Yoo Jae Suk's Calls?

Breaking News 05.26.17 | 12:10PM EDT

Despite being former castmates in "Running Man," Yoo Jae Suk found out the hard way how difficult it was to get in touch with Song Joong Ki.

Nam Tae Hyun

Nam Tae Hyun Reveals Real Reason For Leaving WINNER, Drops MV For Latest Single 'Hug Me'

Breaking News 05.26.17 | 12:33PM EDT

Former WINNER main vocalist Nam Tae Hyun recently reveals the real reason for his departure from the YG Entertainment-managed group. He also responded to haters posting negative comments about his comeback with his new band South Club.


SEVENTEEN Dominates Sales, Viewing Records On Domestic, International Charts

Breaking News 05.26.17 | 03:11AM EDT

SEVENTEEN is making a killing in domestic and international charts with their latest comeback "Al1" as it breaks its own sales records and enters the charts of multiple countries worldwide.

Hyoyeon released some teaser images for her upcoming solo comeback.

Hyoyeon Released Some Teaser Images For Her Upcoming Solo Comeback With 'Wannabe'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.25.17 | 04:51PM EDT

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon will have a solo comeback in June. She released some teaser images on the group's official Twitter account.

April released some teaser images for their upcoming comeback with

April Released Some Teaser Images For Upcoming Digital Single Album 'MAYDAY'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.25.17 | 10:04AM EDT

April released some teaser images for "MAYDAY" with the girls pairing up in retro style. Check it out!


Rookie Group A.C.E Gains Attention For Its Debut Stage Outfit

Music Show / Music Chart 05.25.17 | 09:06AM EDT

A.C.E has successfully stolen everyone's attention with the members' fancy black shorts during their debut stage performance. The group made their debut stage performance on "Show Champion" on May 24.

NCT 127

SM Entertainment Confirms NCT 127 Filming Comeback Music Video

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 05.25.17 | 09:03AM EDT

NCT sub-unit, NCT 127, is currently filming a new music video for its comeback. However, SM Entertainment hasn't released any further details about the group's comeback.


BTS Jin Owns Up To Being 'Worldwide Handsome' As He Addresses 'Third Member From The Left' Moment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 08:38AM EDT

BTS member Jin recently caused an internet buzz when he went viral as "the third member of the left," when the K-pop group attended magenta carpet of the Billboard Music Awards.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin MIn Ah

Shin Min Ah Will Stick By Boyfriend Kim Woo Bin As He Undergoes Cancer Treatment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 09:01AM EDT

It seems like a scene straight from a drama but Shin Min Ah is not going anywhere and is sticking right by her man as he goes through a trying time.

Kim Woo Bin

'The Heirs' Star Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed With Throat Cancer; 'Wiretap' Delays Filming To Make Way For Actor's Treatment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 08:14AM EDT

"The Heirs" star Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and will be undergoing drug and radiation treatments soon. The news was confirmed by the actor's agency Sidus HQ in a statement.


BIG BANG's G-Dragon To Release Solo Comeback In June Before 19-City World Tour, YG Confirms

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 07:59AM EDT

G-Dragon will be releasing his solo album before kicking off his "G-Dragon 2017 Concert: Act III, M.O.T.T.E," world tour this June 10. This was confirmed by YG Entertainment through a source.

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