South Korean comedian and rapper Yoo Se Yoon

K-Pop Double Take: Yoo Se Yoon Makes A Highly Funky Sound With Jay Park And Niihwa On 'Middle School Sick' [VIDEO]

Buzz 04.23.15 | 02:20PM EDT

Although it may have been recorded by a comedian, the groove on Yoo See Yoon's "Middle School Sick" featuring Jay Park And Niihwa, released on April 14, is no joke.

Oh My Girl

Review: B1A4's Sister Act Oh My Girl Slice Up The Beat And Shoot For The Stars On Their Debut Single 'Cupid' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.20.15 | 09:37PM EDT

Swinging wildly for the fences, with a beat that defies categorization, "Cupid," released on Monday by Oh My Girl is a daring debut single.

the album cover for the single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Moonshine And Giriboy Will Shake You Out Of Your Funk On 'Cliché' [AUDIO]

New Release 04.17.15 | 09:43PM EDT

With their feet firmly planted in early 1980s electro pop, Moonshine and Giriboy create a highly evocative and rejuvenating mood on the new single "Cliché," released on Wednesday.

Dal Shabet's

Review: Dal Shabet Continue K-Pop Girl Groups' Current Trend Towards The Eclectic On 'Joker' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.17.15 | 06:37PM EDT

"Joker" released Wednesday by Dal Shabet blends retro-sounding horns with Britney Spears-style crooning, Katy Perry-esque piercing high notes and a slamming drum loop.

The united bros of Vassline.

Korean Rock Recall: Can You Survive The Musical Assault Of Vassline's 'Red Raven Conspiracy?' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.24.15 | 01:08PM EDT

Released on March 10 by Korean metal band Vassline, "Red Raven Conspiracy" achieves a near-constant state of musical seismic activity, shaking up the listener with frequent shifts and starts.


Review: Newly Formed K-Pop Girl Group CLC Bring Back The Searing Synth Sound Of Classic Prince On The Single 'Eighteen' [AUDIO]

New Release 04.16.15 | 07:04PM EDT

When the different elements of a song jump out at the listener in a way that is nearly impossible to ignore, as they do in "Eighteen," the latest single from CLC, it's certainly a good start.

cover of Beenzino's 24:26 album

K-Pop Throwback: Beenzino Teams Up With Dynamic Duo On A Beat That Is Pure Native Tongues For The 2012 Gem 'Nike Shoes' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 04.09.15 | 06:33PM EDT

On his 2012 track "Nike Shoes," South Korean rapper Beenzino is clearly channeling the Native Tongues vibe, with some help from longtime collaborators Dynamic Duo.

still from the

K-Pop Double Take: Minah Of Girl's Day Lets Her Emotions Shine Through On The Funky Solo Single 'I Am A Woman Too' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.06.15 | 07:17PM EDT

Girl's Day singer Minah's earnest performance on "I Am A Woman Too," released on March 16, has enough emotion poured into it to hit you right in the chest, whether you understand her words or not.

EXO wins

Review: Why EXO Won Once Again With The New Single 'Call Me Baby' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.06.15 | 05:25PM EDT

The leadoff single from EXO's "Exodus" album, released on March 28, "Call Me Baby" is a hooky track combining elements of retro boy band pop with cutting edge production.

the album cover of Mamamoo's

Review: Mamamoo And eSNa Blend The Sounds Of The Best Soul Divas Of The East And West On 'AAH OOP!' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.03.15 | 06:55PM EDT

While Mamamoo and eSNa's "AAH OOP!" has clear shades of Amy Winehouse, there is also a rhythm and attitude to the track reminiscent of some of the jazzier material by South Korea's own dance divas.

The aptly named Dark Ambition.

Korean Rock Recall: Experience The Epic Sonic Journey Of Dark Ambition's Blazing 2007 Track 'Bird' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 04.16.15 | 07:31PM EDT

On their 2007 album-closing cut "Bird," Korean melodic death metal band Dark Ambition show that stretching out has its benefits.

The young punks of Rux.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Rebellion Rock Of Rux's 2009 Release 'Eternal Kids' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 04.09.15 | 04:32PM EDT

On their 2009 single "Eternal Kids," Korean street punk band Rux explored a sound that, while familiar to some, represented something much more significant to a whole generation of young music fans.

the new 10-member lineup of EXO

EXO's 'Call Me Baby' Song Review [Blog]

New Release 04.01.15 | 04:58PM EDT

A review of EXO's first post-Kris and Luhan single, "Call Me Baby."

album cover for

Editor's Pick: Solid Rock Riffing Over Ethereally Powerful Vocals Makes miss A's 'I Caught Ya' The Climax Of The 'Colors' Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.31.15 | 07:40PM EDT

"I Caught Ya" from the album "Colors," released on Monday by miss A, has hard rocking guitar riffs, an inventive mixture of sequenced and live drums and a sound that's steeped in the blues.

album cover for EXO's

Review: EXO-K Expand Their Sound On 'Exodus' The Title Track Of Their 2nd Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.30.15 | 07:25PM EDT

As the highlight of both discs, EXO-K's "Exodus," has the sleek, modern sound EXO is known for without being robotic.

album cover for Zzapa's

K-Pop Double Take: Why Korean Hip-Hop Artist Zzapa's 'Till The Night Is Over' Deserves Your Attention [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 03.27.15 | 09:23PM EDT

Using a relatively generic minor piano progression, Zzapa carves out a groove that is unique and downright funky on "Till The Night Is Over," from the EP "Time For Love," released in January.

Stand together, rock together: The Geeks.

Korean Rock Recall: The Stunning Directness Of The Geeks's 2014 Track 'I Still Believe' Continues To Resonate [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.31.15 | 05:52PM EDT

"I Still Believe," released back in July by Korean punk rock band The Geeks, proves that straightforward ideas need not come in tired, old packaging.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Clazziquai Project Celebrate 10 Years Since Their Debut Album On The 2014 Single 'Call Me Back' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 04.02.15 | 11:44AM EDT

The Clazziquai single "Call me back," celebrate the best attributes of these three inventive musicians.


Review: Madtown Bring The Party Big Time On Latest Single 'New World' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.26.15 | 09:05PM EDT

Madtown's new single "New World," released digitally on March 9, is bass-heavy banger, blending K-pop with hard charging beats and rhymes heavily indebted to the worlds of EDM and Southern rap.

still from NS Yoon-G's

Review: Vocalist NS Yoon-G Takes You Back To The Early Days Of Hip-Hop On 'Wifey' Featuring MC Mong [VIDEO]

New Release 03.24.15 | 07:29PM EDT

Though it is unlikely to become a feminist anthem, "Wifey," the latest NS Yoon-G single released on Friday, combines the rap of the early 1980s and the R&B of the early 1990s with a result that is tons of fun.

FTISLAND Hype Up Fans For Korean Comeback With Reality Show &

FTISLAND Redefine Their Style With Self-Composed 'Pray' [VIDEO]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.24.15 | 09:20AM EDT

The group released its first self-composed album, 'I Will,' this week with the lead single "Pray."

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