Monsta X Is Liable For Stealing Fans’ Hearts With ‘The Clan Part. 2 – Guilty’

I am a recent Monsta X fan so I am not familiar with them that much. My sister was the one who made me listen to their b-side tracks and I liked some of it. with this album however, I am not that sure.

"Fighter" as a title track is fine. It is a good song but unlike their song, before this, this one is darker and more EDM. It is definitely fierce and intense. The type of song that you need to play more than twice to get a grip of it.

"Be Quiet" this song is definitely a banger. It is has the EDM and Trap element to it. Monsta X has performed this song together with "Fighter" when they came back on music shows. I am not really a fan of too much EDM-ish stuff in a song. It usually grows on me though, especially when I am in my hyper mood.

Now "Blind" is more of my type. Slow song with a really nice beat with a bit RnB sound to it, a perfect combination. Then the chorus came, there was an unnecessary sound, the small voice, it was very pointless. It kinda ruined the chorus. Nonetheless, the whole song is really good.

"Queen" is like the title track. It is another head banger and dance track. It is more in the EDM side with the heavy beats and too much rapping. The chorus is really good; I wish they can make a new song with the chorus and bridge with different verse, such a waste.

White Love is the song that I have been waiting for! I really love it when kpop groups sing songs like this. The members' voices, the melody, the beat, everything is perfect. No unnecessary sounds or EDM sounds. This is a really nice song. Even IM sang in this track! I love the end part, it sounds like they were really having fun.

"Roller Coaster" is a feel good song. It is more on the cute and cool side. Like you will hear this song as a background of a K-drama where the main characters are on a date. It will make you smile and happy. However, some parts of the song sounds over done with too many sound added to it. It's kinda destructing.

It is a nice album. I'll give this a 3.8 out of 5. Listen to it and give your score in the comments below.

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