Pentagon's debut MV 'Gorilla' reaches over 2 million views on YouTube!

It hasn't been that long since Pentagon first debuted. Heck, it has only been three weeks since their debut but the new rookie group of Cube Entertainment is already sending ripples in the kpop scene.

Just recently, their debut MV for their song "Gorilla" had reached a whopping 2 million views on YouTube. Now if fans are thinking that's nothing compared to the numerous other K-Pop acts out there, well they should understand that Pentagon had just recently debuted and garnering 2 million views in just three weeks is madly an impressive feat.

Although fans shouldn't be all that surprised that Pentagon had managed to achieve this feat in such a short time because even before their debut, they're one of the few trainee groups that have been madly anticipated for a while, Allkpop reports.  

Truly this isn't just an accomplishment for the 10-member group but also to Cube Entertainment as well. They've been planning to debut a new boy group since December 2015 but now, it seems that all of their efforts, along with the boys, were not in vain as Pentagon has been well accepted by the people.

 The whole music video itself is creative. It is artsy and has made good use of camera and lighting effects. Plus the vocals and the rapping aren't bad too. With their electrifying performance, you can basically feel the group's excitement oozing out of the screen! According to Officially Kmusic, the group began shooting the MV late September.  

The group was first introduced through Mnet's reality show, Pentagon Maker where 8 of the contestants were chosen to become part of the new boy group. Two other contestants from the show were later added to the boy group.

Pentagon was supposed to hold their debut concert back in July but it was moved due to internal errors. It was only on September 30 that the group's debut was finally confirmed and on October 10, they had finally debuted with their first mini album titled Pentagon, consisting of 7 tracks including Gorilla.

Now, if Pentagon keeps this up, they're sure to become one of the biggest boy bands in the near future. 

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