BtoB prepares to release Christmas album in Japanese this December [VIDEOS]

BtoB just dropped a teaser for the full-length album in Japanese. The album is be released on December 7 to become the group’s first full length album in the Japanese language.

The group’s Japanese agency Kiss Entertainment published the teaser in their official YouTube channel on November 30. The teaser revealed the group will launch the album titled “24/7” as the Christmas album in Japanese. Watch the teaser below:

BtoB is managed by three agencies, and every agency is responsible for managing activities in certain regions. Japanese activities are managed by Kiss Entertainment, while Korean market becomes Cube Entertainment’s responsibility; their international market business is handled by Universal Music Group.

For their upcoming Japanese album, Kiss Entertainment also released the cover of the album:

Last year, BtoB also released a Christmas album “Winter Tale” on December 22 to celebrate Christmas. Watch the music video below:

Since their debut four years ago in 2012, BtoB has been successful in penetrating both Korean and Japanese markets. The seven-member group, which consists of Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, and Sungjae, appreciate their fans for the support, as reported by KPop Herald .

Recently, they also joined the celebrity makeover talk show “Lipstick Prince” aired on December 1, as reported by ET News. Eunkwang become the representative of BtoB in the talk show, which was also attended Super Junior member Kim Heechul, former H.O.T. member Tony An, Monster X’s Xenu, and Dooyoung from NCT. They discussed the usage of makeup among men, which have become common nowadays.

Meanwhile for this year’s Christmas, BtoB will launch a Christmas album in Japanese. This will become the second Christmas release from BtoB.

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