Pentagon ask fans 'Can You Feel It' in new MV

Pentagon has released their comeback song "Can You Feel It" and its music video. Cube Entertainment has also released Pentagon's 2nd mini album "Five Senses."

According to Soompi, on November 7 at midnight Korean time, the rookie boy group PENTAGON has released their newest title track "Can You Feel It" and mini album "Five Senses."

The song is different from their first single "Gorilla," which was more energetic and a bit lighter than "Can You Feel It." This new track is darker and has more melody than "Gorilla". The song started with an electric guitar then the heavy beats followed.

The chorus of the song is really addictive. Also, the song showed off the members' perfect singing skills and synchronised dancing skills. The song is about how the members are captivated by a lady and they are asking if that particular person can feel it.

In the music video, the members of Pentagon are dressed in marching uniforms as they danced to the echoing strong brass sounds of the track. The members also dance in a pentagon shaped room. The music video does not really have a story and it's just your typical K-Pop music video with the members looking good and dancing together.

There is also a part in the music video where the members are showing their handsome faces and slick dance moves. They emit confidence as they dance to the heavy, addictive beat that showed off a different kind of aura than in "Gorilla."

Pentagon's second mini album is "Five Senses." It is a mini album that contains five tracks in total that encompass a variety of genres from hip-hop to house.

Fans are really satisfied with Pentagon's comeback. They also think that Pentagon is finding their own color and sound with this song.

Watch "Can You Feel It" MV below!

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