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Drama Review: The Lonely Shining Goblin Episode 4:the Bride Walks into the Groom's Parlour

By analine Murphy | December 19, 2016 04:03 AM EST


The Goblin -Shin (Gong Yoo), this time, comes face to face with a good high school girl (Eun- tak) portrayed by Kim Go-Eun. He staggers when she describes noticing the sword embedded in his chest.

He arrives at the resolution that this is the girl who will satisfy his quest to end his immortality.With her sob story, she now dwells in his suite, attended to (Deok Wong ), and counting on finishing college while she waits to be his bride.

The parody in the story is how she was able to make him find the strait-laced way to be his would be partner. Per inquisitr, the Reaper, Deok-Hwa ( the nephew), the grandfather absorb her into the household.

The episode twists to the goblin's growing second thoughts about dying. It could very well relate to the feel of first love ( he hasn't fallen in love, and he is  939?) and the young Eun-tak first as well.

He awards her the sunshine, cast flowers bloom in the middle of autumn, paints the pedestrian cross line from yellow to orange. The Shin does control the girl's life now with the seasons.

But ( for her to realize) delivers rain to make the girl's life a little bit uncomfortable ( at times).

One would question the material aspect of the girl coming to the goblin's life. At first, she was just running away from a house full of mean aunts and cousins.

She tells her weeping story, and the Shin buys it. She sees ghosts, reads about ghosts, encounters spirits all the time, and him, being a goblin, is one she can see very well.

Eun-tak does see the sword buried in his chest. And she takes a queue from that illusion (?). She welcomes the goblin's care.

A hotel suite where she can grow, go to college and think things over while waiting to be the goblin's wife come on a silver platter.

But then, Shin backtracks gives her 500 won. According to dramabeans,she skates the envelope away.

It is very impressive that now that the goblin uncovers the answer to his immortality, he appears like holding off. He embraces the comfort and pleasure he gets when Eun-tak is around.

The girl makes him respond less of a goblin- with rational feelings, appreciating poetry, digging the simple pleasures of a walk, holding on to the freshness of flowers that knows no season. In short, he is in love.

How about a serious fight growing for the lovers? Sunny ((Yoo Inna,- gave Eun-tak work at the chicken shop) anticipates a white horse with a king on it. Eun-tak sees a prince mounting on it.

Spoilers are not made so viewers forgo that willing suspension of disbelief. This TV drama, at this point, nothing of a reveal goes. Keep watching.


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