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Idols That Tried Acting For The First Time And Succeeds – Hyeri, Nana, Key, Irene and Jinyoung

By jasmooOnce | December 21, 2016 11:58 PM EST


Korean netizens have this notion that idols are not good actors. However, there are many idols that have proven them wrong. This year, many idols have, once again, proven Korean netizens theory wrong.

Here are the idols that did great with their acting:


Girl's Day Hyeri is definitely the best example for this one. Most netizens have discourage Hyeri and judge her when it was first reported that she will be the next female lead in the famous "Reply" series. However, after the first episode was aired, all the netizens have changed their mind like what Kdrama Stars has reported. Hyeri did amazingly well even though it was her first time acting. Her role Duk Sun totally fitted her and the drama became one of the most watched this year.


B1a4's leader is known to be talented in the music department. After acting in the "Love In The Moonlight" he has also shown that he is also talented in the acting department. It looks like Jinyoung has also proven netizens that idols can definitely act because many were swooned by his character.


Like what happened to Girl's Day Hyeri, After School's Nana was mocked and judge after it was announced that she was casted for a drama. The Korean adaptation of "The Good Wife" was Nana's first acting job and she totally nailed it. According to Soompi, her bisexual character, Kim Dan, was so well portrayed and she changed the image of Korean netizens has of her to a good one.


Another favourite of Korean netizens after acting is SHINee's Key. Key acted in "Drinking Solo" and proved netizens that idols can definitely act. Other SHINee members have failed to turn the tables but Key is different.


Though Red Velvet's Irene did not act in a broadcasted Korean show or drama, her web drama was well received by the netizens who watched it. Red Velvet fans were really happy that Irene did well in her first acting job. Irene proved that she is not only a pretty face as she is also good in acting.

Any other idols that turned Korean netizens judgement to a good one after showing what he or she got?

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