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Special Stages That Fans Want To Happen But Will Never Happen – EXO and BTS, Twice and Blackpink, Mamamoo and Spica

By jasmooOnce | December 21, 2016 11:56 PM EST


We all have that dream stage or collaboration that we want to happen but we all know it is very impossible to happen. Either it is because of conflict of schedule or conflict in the performance; it is very much unlikely to happen.

Well, here are some of those special stages that fans are dreaming to happen:


I know many fans would love to see the top two boy groups of this time in one big special stage. However, we all know that it is unlikely to happen. I don't think both groups have the time to practice with each other. But just imagine the awesomeness it will bring!

Blackpink and Twice

Since Blackpink's Jennie and Jisoo interacted with Twice's Nayeon, many fans want a special stage that includes both groups. They can do it Blackpink style or Twice style, either way I would be happy to see it! There is a possibility of it to happen if YG is open with those things. We all know JYP isn't limiting his artists so it is up to YG. YG make it happen!

Spica and Mamamoo

I know many fans of these two have been wishing for a collaboration stage or a special performance that will show how remarkable these two groups are. I too would want to see it happen. Just imagine the vocals and superb high noted from both groups.

CL, Yezi and LE

There are always collaborations between male rappers and male idol rappers. It is so seldom that female rappers unite. I think it would be really cool if these three would perform on one stage. That would really up female idol rappers' reputation.

Do you want to see these groups on one stage too?

What group do you want to collaborate but you think they will never do it?



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