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The Secret to BTS Winning Great Sucess In Billboard Music Awards Unveiled

By Staff Writer | May 29, 2017 05:47 PM EDT


Hit K-pop boy band has just reached another milestone as they won the Top Social Artist award in the recently held Billboard Music Awards. Because of it, they were able to prove to the world that the K-pop genre is a real global phenomenon and that they have the capability to take the world by storm. And just last Tuesday, Billboard staged an interview with BTS where they discussed more about their favorite dance moves, witty pickup lines, and more personal things.

According to Billboard, BTS calls their recently won award as a dream come true. Meanwhile, BTS also says that they hope that the recent award that they won will pave the way for future and more K-pop artists to make their way into global fame.

Kim Namjoon, who is best known as the Rap Monster, says that what people need to do is to just keep up with their dreams. He says that they just even came from humble beginnings. But because they worked hard and strived for the best, they managed to become K-pop idols and became globally known.

According to Elle, K-pop boy group, BTS, says that American boy band, NSYNC, was the group which influenced them a lot. The boys say that NSYNC has dealt a huge influence on them while they were growing older.

With all of these being said, it can be clearly seen that BTS still remains humble amidst all of the successes and milestones that they have reached in their careers. It sure is safe to say that BTS is a K-pop group that ordinary people and aspiring musicians should see as a form of inspiration and motivation. Let's wish BTS the best of luck, and hopefully, they still continue to make great music for all of us. BTS is surely the way to go.

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