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20 Facts That You Need to Know About HOTSHOT

By Ciera Starlight | June 20, 2017 07:47 PM EDT

(Photo :Hotshot Official )

With the finale of "Produce 101 Season 2", there has been a dramatic increase in the trainees and members of groups who debuted prior to the show. For example, Ardor and Able's trainees, Ha Sungwoon and Noh Taehyun debuted in the 6-member group HOTSHOT back in October 2014. Despite the high-quality music and the constant promotions from members of popular groups such as; EXO, Shinee, VIXX, and Girl's Day, the group did not gain much attention.

The group promoted the songs "Take a Shot," "Watch Out" and "I'm a Hotshot" in Korea, before doing activities in China and Japan. After that, the group took a long hiatus and their company changed its name. Ha Sungwoon and Noh Taehyun went to "Produce 101" under the endorsement of EXO member Kai and Girl's Day's Minah. Both members were rank A from the very beginning of the show due to their amazing skills in dancing and singing. However, their overall ranks were low due to lack of votes. They consistently won over viewers by showing their talent and lovable personalities. Ultimately, they rose in ranks and Ha Sungwoon became a finalized member of WANNA ONE.

With the sudden interest in the trainees, naturally, people are interested in the groups the members are a part of. Even though Sungwoon will be promoting with WANNA ONE for 18 months, HOTSHOT along with Taehyun are expected to finally break their hiatus and release a new album in July.

Of course, it can be difficult to learn everything about a group in such a short time, but we are here to help you! Check out the video below for at least 20 facts about HOTSHOT that you may not have learned already. Make sure to keep following KpopStarz for regular updates about HOTSHOT, and their impending comeback, as well as all your favorite Korean entertainers.


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