6 of The Most Unique Hair Colours in K-Pop — Who Did It Best?

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Visuals are an essential component of K-Pop. Hair and makeup form a critical portion of the visual aspect of an idol and are very important to convey the concept perfectly to the audience. If the audience can see it, they can connect with it. As a result, the K-Pop industry has been increasingly daring in trying new hair and makeup concepts to make a greater and more lasting impression on the audience.

It is not a surprise to any K-Pop fan that idols use hair color to express themselves quite often. Often, they even have to dye their hair twice in the same week. Even though this might damage the hair, the idols go through regular haircare treatments to make sure that their hair is intact and beautiful as ever.

Here are some idols that have rocked some of the craziest hair colors ever.

1. Big Bang G-Dragon

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G-Dragon's "Cotton Candy" hair colour during his 2012 "Crayon" promotions was a fan favorite. His bright blue and purple ombre hair was definitely a hit. This was not the first time however, that his hair was compared to food. Previously, his bright yellow hair style for an award show was compared by fans to sushi and tamago.

2. NCT/SuperM Taeyong

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Taeyong is famous for dying his hair in different colors for different concepts. One of the most famous and striking colour that he has ever dyed his hair is bright green. He sported the look for the 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong, where he performed solo with Seulgi and his song "Around" with Hitchhiker. To top it off and make him look even more unrealistically attractive, he wore green colored contact lenses on one eye, increasing his magical look by one more degree. The performance and the look were both ungodly good.

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3. CL

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CL has sported her signature silver hair for very long and she often goes back to it. A perfect instance of her rocking the silver is in her music video for "Hello Bitches". CL looks drop dead gorgeous in her fit coupled with the silver fox hair. No one would dare say anything to her if she showed up in that look.

4. EXO Sehun

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One of Sehun's most remembered hair look was the rainbow dye. Now, whether it was remembered for being iconic or a total miss is up for discussion for fans seem to have differing opinions on this one. While many fans think it was groundbreaking, the other half are not too sure. Either way, it was unique for sure.

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5. TWICE Dahyun

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Dahyun looked like a pokemon or some magical being come to life when she dyed her hair in sherbet colours. Gorgeous fiery orange and bright pink adorned her beautiful locks during the "LIKE OOH AH" era. It will be remembered for all of TWICE history as one of the prettiest hair dos ever.

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6. BTS Suga

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Suga has powerfully pulled off any color that's has been put in his hair. However, if there's one color that fans desperately think needs a comeback, it's the mint hair. Suga had the mint hair during the "Run" era in 2015, and safe to say; it was iconic. Fans loved it, the members loved it, everyone loved it, and we wish he'd bring the mint back again.

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