BUDY Swoons with Retro Ballad 'A Week' on Studio LIVE

BUDY's Live Studio, Performing "A Week"
(Photo : KoreaIN)

In the penultimate entry for BUDY studio LIVE, the Korean singer-songwriter charms fans with her performance of "A Week."

The sixth of seven live performances from her live series, BUDY decided to bring a warmer romantic feel in the middle of the South Korean winter. Her latest performance continues her effort to remain connected with her fans - as well as introduce her music to new listeners - at a time when in-person performances and tours have been limited by the pandemic.

BUDY's Live Studio, Performing
(Photo : KoreaIN)

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As one of her more recent singles, "A Week" was first released last September 2020, coming hot on the tail of another wildly successful track, "Stray Cat." It was then accompanied by a music video whose visuals capture the transition between the seasons of spring and autumn, with small nuances highlighting the sharp differences between the two.

Coming across as both romantic and melancholic, BUDY describes the track as a "retro-style ballad song," made even more unique by its singing that resembles a monologue. In her Studio LIVE intro reel, she explains having the idea from the song after reading her mother's old letter and writing a track about the feelings within. 

Her Studio LIVE performance carries the same musical qualities as her earlier entries, with the performance for "A Week" displaying more sensibility and a slightly less upbeat aura - delivering the sentimentality intended when the track was originally released.

Speaking of happiness and sadness, BUDY shared in the outro reel: "When I was happy and sad, I was with my loving family and friends. And now, people who like my music give me a lot of strength."

"I'll always be grateful and happy for the small things," BUDY added.

BUDY's latest live performance for "A Week" follows her other hits that have received the Studio LIVE treatment such as the funk-electro "Sound Like," jazzy "Hey U," and her first offering "Do Re Mi." With the songs, which she mostly wrote and composed herself, BUDY definitely proves herself as a versatile artist who weaves relatable tracks across different genres.

Watch BUDY's live performance of "A Week" below:


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