SEVENTEEN, ITZY, and More: Idols Select the Artists They Want to Get Close to in 2021

Daily Sports announced the results of their annual Lunar New Year idol survey on Friday, Feb. 12. In the survey, 22 soloists and idols were asked to select who the best visual idol is, which idol has the best body, which idols do they want to get close to, which idol they want to be introduced to, and which idol they are looking forward to in 2021.

Want to know which groups idols want to get close to in 2021? Then keep on reading.

Over 22 idol groups and soloist participated in this year, 2021, survey. The groups and singers who took part in the survey are (G)I-DLE, BTOB, CRAVITY, Changmo, ENHYPEN, ITZY, IZ*ONE, Kang Daniel, LOONA, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, NCT 127, NU'EST, Oh My Girl, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Secret Number, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, TREASURE, TXT, and PENTAGON.

The Male Artists People Want to Get Close to

The top male idol group that people want to get close to is SEVENTEEN, who scored 14 votes. They were also the top voted group, meaning they are the top idol group people would want to be friends with.

This comes as no surprise - SEVENTEEN is known for their bright and energetic energy, which fans can see through the number of shows they have been on. Since they have thirteen members, one (or more!) member is guaranteed to match your personality.

(Photo : SEVENTEEN Twitter)

In other categories of the Daily Sport's survey, SEVENTEEN was voted as one of the groups people were anticipating this year, while member Jeonghan was voted as one of the top male visuals of the year.

The second male idol group people want to get close to is Stray Kids, who took home 8 votes. Stray Kids may look tough and intimidating on stage, but if you check out their variety shows, they are true kids at heart who love goofing around and having fun with each other and their fans.

Like SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids were also voted as one of the groups people are anticipating this year.

Stray Kids
(Photo : Stray Kids Twitter)

BTS took home 7 votes, making them another male idol group that people want to get close to. Their reputation as the biggest boy group in the world may seem intimidating, but numerous celebrities and fans have vouched for how down-to-earth the members are. Who wouldn't want to be friends with them?

BTS was voted as the group people are most anticipating this 2021, while member V was selected as one of the year's top visuals.

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(Photo : BTS Twitter)

The Female Artists People Want To Get Close To

ITZY was selected as the top girl group people want to get close to, scoring 6 votes. ITZY definitely stands out among girl groups nowadays thanks to their strong, charismatic, and confident concept of loving yourself. However, they haven proven time and time again that they are sweethearts. ITZY was voted as one of the groups people are highly anticipating this year.

(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

Another female artist people want to get close to is IU, with 5 votes. She is the only soloist to make the top rankings of this survey. IU, who is known as the "Nation's Little Sister," is said to have a kind-hearted, pure, and innocent personality. IU is also someone who spoils her friend.

In the past, TWICE member Nayeon revealed she had given the TWICE members two rings from Gucci, iPhones, and a pair of Chanel shoes. She allowed the members who already had iPhones to chose their Chanel shoes as a gift instead.

What a giving queen!

(Photo : IU Instagram)

Cute and Wholesome Answers

Do you want to know what other answer was popular among idols? It is not a specific idol, nor a specific group. Instead, four people voted that they wanted to be friends with everyone! It appears that there are some social butterflies who can't wait to befriend all the idols.

The Idols People Want To Get Close To This 2021

1. SEVENTEEN - 14 votes

2. Stray Kids - 8 votes

3. BTS - 7 votes

4. ITZY - 6 votes

5. IU - 5 votes

6. Everyone! - 4 votes

Which idol would you want to be friends with?

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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