EXO Kai Teams Up with Gucci for a Special Collaboration

EXO member Kai recently graced the cover of Esquire Korea's Mar. 2021 issue. The Gucci global ambassador featured his special collaboration with the fashion house, "KAI X Gucci Capsule Collection," in the photoshoot. Keep reading to learn more about the collection here.

EXO's Kai Special Collaboration With Gucci

Kai has been promoting as Gucci's global brand ambassador for two years now. Two years into their partnership, the two parties have unveiled their first-ever collaboration, the "KAI X Gucci Capsule Collection." This is the first time Gucci has partnered with a Korean celebrity to launch a collaboration.

The collection features different clothing and apparel, such as jackets, long-sleeved button-ups, t-shirts, and bags. The clothing and bags feature Gucci's signature brown patterns but include teddy bear graphics to show Kai's special touch.

As fans know, Kai is often called "Nini Bear." The nickname originated from Chinese fans who claimed he looked like a teddy bear, with many creating photomontages of the EXO member with various teddy bears, cartoon bears, and even real-life bears!

Since then, the idol has been showered with many teddy bear-themed gifts.

When EXO had to select animals to represent them during their "Growl" era, Kai chose a bear. Because of this, the idol has grown fond of all things bear-related, as it is a precious nickname from the fans. Now, he is translating it to his collection with Gucci!

When asked about the "KAI X Gucci Capsule Collection" during his interview and pictorial with Esquire Korea, Kai said, "It is very meaningful that I was able to create and name a collaboration with Gucci." He also spoke about how Gucci sent Kai a coffee truck for his solo debut, which became a hot topic on the internet.

EXO Kai Talks about Solo Debut Preparations, Variety Show Appearances, and Dancing in Esquire Interview

During his interview with Esquire, the EXO member spoke about how it was preparing for his solo debut. "I thought a lot about how I wanted to convey my voice to the fans who are familiar with my voice, as well as how to approach the public who will be listening to my voice for the first time. Now, I am that proud that many people can recognize my voice and are listening to my music fondly."

The publication also mentioned Kai's recent appearance on variety shows, such as "I Live Alone."

"I don't know if I am funny," the idol said. "But it is fun to join these shows and make people laugh. Since there are fewer offline activities now, I am glad I can show myself through variety shows."

As most fans know, Kai has been dancing for nearly two decades now, having taken up ballet during his youth. According to Kai, dancing is "as natural as breathing."

He goes as far as to say that, "I am never tired of breathing, so I do not rest. That is also what dancing means to me."

Check out Kai in Esquire Korea's up-coming Mar. 2021 issue!

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