Do BLACKPINK Jennie & BIGBANG G-Dragon Match Each other’s Ideal Type? Find out Here!

Back in Feb., Dispatch released an exclusive report stating that BLACKPINK's Jennie and BIGBANG's G-Dragon are in a relationship and have been dating for over a year. Following this news, people have started analyzing their ideal types. Do they match? Keep on reading to find out. 

What is G-Dragon's ideal type? Does BLACKPINK's Jennie Match?

Back in 2011, G-Dragon revealed on SBS's "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time" that he likes women who cook well and have a lot of knowledge in fields that they are not familiar with.

In 2013, G-Dragon further revealed in SBS's "Thank You" that he likes someone who enjoys music and that he would like his significant other to listen to his music first so that they would be able to give them feedback on it.

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As fans know, Jennie is quite the chef. During BLACKPINK's reality show "BLACKPINK House," she showed off her cooking skills by baking two-toned chocolate and strawberry macarons. During their Netflix documentary, "BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky," both she and Jisoo made tanghulu. She even has the nickname "Jennie Ramsay"!

On her YouTube channel, Jennie has also shown clips of her cooking.

Jennie is also someone who loves music. It appears the two also have similar tastes in music, with love and admiration for hip-hop and pop. Additionally, both idols spent six years as trainees and have a deep love and passion for music.

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What is Jennie's Ideal Type? Does BIGBANG's G-Dragon Match?

During an interview with "Arirang Radio" in 2017, Jennie revealed that she prefers guys who are sexy over cute, while her other members all selected cute guys. In JTBC's "Knowing Bros" that same year, she revealed her ideal type was "Kang Ho Dong's body, Lee Soo Geun's personality, and Gong Yoo's face." She further stated that she looks more into a guys personality rather than his appearance and likes when men are trustworthy and masculine.

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During her appearance on SBS's "Village Survival, the Eight" in 2018, Jennie also stated that she likes when a guy remembers something she mentioned she wanted and does it for her and also appreciates when a guy listens carefully to what she has to say.

Most fans would agree that G-Dragon is sexy. His shirtless photos and his ability to rock both feminine and masculine styles prove it! G-Dragon is also expected to be someone who is trustworthy and dependable to Jennie, as they have known each other for over eight years. Jennie has even worked with him during their pre-debut days, meaning they have developed a deep and strong bond.

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Do you think Jennie and G-Dragon's ideal types match? Tell us in the comments section below!

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