Spotify Launches RADAR KOREA x MENA Collab, Led by AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi [LISTEN]

Audio streaming leader Spotify launches RADAR collaboration between its KOREA and MENA regions, led by K-pop artist AleXa and Kuwaiti-Saudi star Bader AlShuaibi.

Recognizing the growing popularity of K-pop music in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Spotify initiated the first-ever RADAR collaboration to bring the two cultures closer together - bound by their common love for music.

This also marks the first time that the two regions have been involved in a cross-border collaborative effort on Spotify.

RADAR KOREA x MENA with AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi
(Photo : Spotify/ Edelman Korea)

AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi have released the track "Is It On," which showcases a high-energy K-pop style fused with a distinct reggaeton rhythm. Containing a fresh melody and a catchy lead, the song perfectly caters to listeners from both regions.

A statement from Spotify explains that the RADAR KOREA x MENA collaboration was more than a year in the making. Though the track is owned by both of the artists' labels.

Spotify oversaw the project - from making the two artists connect for the project to the marketing support for the track. The global audio streaming giant covered production costs, on and off-platform promotion that includes a billboard placement right at the New York Times Square, as well social media support to maximize exposure and drive listenership across the world.

The Spotify RADAR program is the platform's program for global artists, providing local musicians and creators access to the international audience market and help them grow into the next stage of their careers while keeping a solid connection to their fans.

Furthermore, Spotify provides RADAR artists with resources and access to opportunities to help them better boost their careers.

"I'm so grateful for this collaboration. It's a fresh, never-heard-before mix of cultures and sound. I really can't wait for our fans all over the world to hear this track," AleXa said in the statement.

On the other hand, Bader AlShuaibi said: "It's 2021, we barely see any borders between cultures and people. This project is the child of globalization and my personal love for Korean Pop culture. AleXa is an extremely talented artist and together I believe we created the coolest cross-cultural collaboration, ever." 

Listen to AleXa and Bader AlShuaibi's "Is It On" below:


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