BTS to Release a 'Hotter Version' of New Single 'Butter'

BTS is set to drop a "Hotter Version" of their new smash hit "Butter"!

BTS Butter Hotter Version
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BTS Announces Plan to Release a "Hotter Version" of "Butter"

On May 28 at midnight KST, BTS made a surprise announcement of launching a "Hotter Version" of their latest English-language single "Butter."

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The septet also shared a new set of teaser images that exudes a different atmosphere from the first and second set of teasers revealed for the initial version of "Butter."

According to Big Hit Music, the "Hotter Version" of BTS's "Butter" will be pleasantly different from the original song's lively mood.

Big Hit Music also thanked ARMY (BTS's fan club) for the incredible love and support they have shown for BTS's "Butter." The company added that they have prepared a "Hotter Version" of the English-language single so that fans can enjoy the group's music in more diverse ways.

The "Hotter Version" will be a remix of BTS's "Butter," and is due out later today, May 28 at 1 p.m. KST.

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BTS's "Butter" Merchandise Gets Sold Out in a Few Minutes

As part of their "Butter" promotions, BTS announced their plan to release official merchandise for their new single. These include a box of butter cookies, phone case, keychain, cap, T-shirt, mask, and more.

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As soon as all the items were put on sale, there were a few goods that sold out quicker than anyone could ever imagine. In particular, the T-shirt, cardigan, pouch, and butter cookies were all sold out in less than five minutes.

The butter cookies, which were priced about 18 USD, was the first one to get sold out, having been only less than a minute after it was launched. The "Butter" cardigan, which came with special photo cards, was the next item to sell out.

BTS Scores Highest Debut Rank on Billboard's Pop Songs Radio Airplay Chart with "Butter"

In other news, BTS's "Butter" continues to attain more remarkable records for the boy group. Recently, Billboard announced the new milestone the septet achieved with their latest single.

On May 25, Billboard took to Twitter to reveal that BTS's "Butter" has debuted on the Pop Airplay chart dated May 29.

Billboard Pop Airplay Chart or Mainstream Top 40 Airplay is a weekly chart that ranks the most popular pop tracks being played on the top 40 radio stations in the United States.

BTS Butter
(Photo : BTS Twitter)

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For this week, BTS's "Butter" claimed the No. 26 spot, becoming the group's seventh entry on the Billboard chart. Other than this, it is the group's highest debut on the Pop Airplay chart, breaking their previous record of No. 30 with "Dynamite" last year.

What makes this feat more amazing is that BTS's "Butter" made it to the chart after only three days of getting played on the radio. The English-language single came out on May 21 (Friday), however, the US chart has a Monday-Sunday schedule, so that means they only measured three of the five days after the song was released.

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