TXT Huening Kai's Younger Sister to Join Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999'

Huening Kai's younger sister is looking to make her debut by joining the survival show! 

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TXT Huening Kai's Younger Sister to Join Mnet's Upcoming Survival Show "Girls Planet 999"

According to reports by Korean media outlet TenAsia on June 2 KST, TXT's - also known as Tomorrow X Together - Huening Kai's younger sister is hoping to make her debut as a member of a girl group.

The media outlet has confirmed that Huening Kai's younger sister, known as Huening Bahiyyih, will be participating in the upcoming Mnet survival show, "Girls Planet 999."

An official from the industry told TenAsia, "Huening Bahiyyih has an appearance that resembles her older brother, Huening Kai. She is also very talented in dancing and singing, that she even passed the auditions at other major agencies."

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Huening Bahiyyih, born on July 27, 2004 and is currently 16 years old (in international age), is an idol trainee. She was rumored to be a trainee at YG Entertainment after media outlets reported that Huening Bahiyyih had passed the first round of auditions at the company.

After the news of Huening Bahiyyih reportedly passing the auditions, fans began anticipating and wondering if she would make her debut in YG Entertainment's girl group in the future, following her older brother Huening Kai, and sister Lea who made her debut as a member of VIVA back in 2017, into the K-Pop industry.

However, no other reports were made whether or not she made it into YG Entertainment.

Are you excited to possibly see Huening Bahiyyih?

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What is Mnet's "Girls Planet 999"?

"Girls Planet 999" is an upcoming Mnet girl group survival show that will showcase 99 contestants who are from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean backgrounds. There will be 33 contestants representing each background, and will compete in the hopes of making their debut as member of the girl group that will eventually be formed through the show. 

Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga
(Photo : Girls Planet 999)

According to Mnet, the process of recruiting and finalizing the list of contestants for the show took around five months, with the show accumulating more than 13,000 contestants who auditioned for the show. Those who were eligible to apply as a contestant of "Girls Planet 999" were females of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean nationalities and were born before January 1, 2006. The production crew also allowed those who are independent or trainees under a label, or have debut experience to apply.

In addition, it was also confirmed that Yeo Jin Goo, an actor known for his works in "Hotel Del Luna," "My Absolute Boyfriend" and more, will be the show's MC - marking his first time hosting a show.

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Joining Yeo Jin Goo are popular and experienced K-Pop idols, Sunmi and Girls Generation's Tiffany as the show's mentors.

According to officials, "Girls Planet 999" will be broadcasted sometime this coming August, both internationally and domestically through platforms including Youtube. Voting for the contestants will also be held on the "Universe" app in ensure fairness. 

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