Here are 8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels

We are seeing more and more of K-pop idols being able to freely express themselves and share with fans their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and more, that aren't completely confined to their company's strict rules. As such, many idols have started venturing into gaming, arts and crafts, and many more in their free time. 

We are also seeing a lot more K-Pop idols venturing into making their own Youtube channels and posting their own content, and fans are especially happy with that as it allows them to see more of their favorite idols when they aren't working.

With that being said, here are eight K-Pop idols who have their own Youtube channels!

1. BIGBANG Daesung (D'splay)

Did you know that Daesung had a Youtube channel? Because he does!

As Daesung does not have his own social media account anywhere, fans were especially excited to have found out that the BIGBANG member had his own Youtube channel called "D'splay," which he opened almost two years ago.

On his channel, he uploads drum covers of songs and shares his interesting way of learning English!

What's especially funny regarding Daesung and his Youtube channel is that he kept denying that he was, in fact, Daesung. As Daesung kept denying his identity, fans joined in on the fun and pretended that "D'splay" isn't Daesung's Youtube channel.

2. Former MONSTA X Wonho (ohhoho 오호호)

Wonho opened his own Youtube channel back in April 2020 called "ohhoho 오호호."

In his Youtube channel, Wonho posts just about anything you would normally see from a Youtuber, such as workout videos, behind-the-scene videos of his stage performances, music production, and photoshoots, mukbangs, and did we mention workout videos?

Check out his Youtube channel to get a glimpse of how he maintains his body!

3. Oh My Girl Hyojung (쩡이언니)

Hyojung also has her own Youtube channel called "쩡이언니" (Jjung older sister) that she has had since March 2019. In Hyojung's channel, you will surely get entertained with her vlogs, covers, cooking videos, workout videos, and more! Caution though! Make sure you have food with you as you will surely get hungry with all the delicious treats and food she shows!

4. T-ara Jiyeon (지연 Jiyeon)

If you're missing T-ara and its members, then you can check out Jiyeon's Youtube channel called "지연 Jiyeon." Jiyeon uploads a variety of content on her channel, such as ASMR videos, dance covers, her playing video games, cooking, vlogs, and more!

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5. Girls' Generation Yoona (Yoona's So Wonderful Day)

Yoona also has her own Youtube channel called "Yoona's So Wonderful Day" that she opened just less than a year ago. On her channel, Yoona mostly uploades behind-the-scenes videos of her schedules such as photoshoots, filmings, and more. Check out Yoona's channel for a glimpse of to see how she works!

6. Former AOA Choa (초아 CHOA)

Do you miss Choa performing? If you're missing Choa's beautiful voice, then you should definitely check out her Youtube channel, "초아 CHOA," which she launched back in September 2020. On her channel, Choa mainly uploads song covers, but she does upload vlogs, recipes, DIYs, and more too!

7. iKON Chanwoo (찬우살이)

If you can't get enough of iKON, then check out the maknae of the group's Youtube channel called "찬우살이" (Chanwoo's life) that he has had since 2018! Chanwoo has over a hundred videos on his channel with a variety of content, such as vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos, video games, cooking, and just about everything under the sun. His fellow iKON members also make an appearance in some of his videos!

8. BLACKPINK Rosé (ROSÉ Official)

Following her fellow BLACKPINK members, Rosé also launched her own Youtube channel called "ROSÉ Official"! The "On The Ground" singer's Youtube channel is fairly new, so it only has three videos as of now.

Whose channel do you love watching?

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Written by Robyn Joan

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