Media Outlet Selects the 6 Female Idols Who Look Beautiful With Short Hair

South Korean news outlet Star1 has selected female idols who look beautiful and ready for summer with their short hair. Keep on reading to see who was selected.

1. aespa Winter

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Winter shocked fans when she cut her hair short for aespa's latest comeback, "Next Level." Winter has styled her next haircut both straight and with waves, and both styles suit the idol. Alongside the next cut is her unique hair color; her hair is dyed black with bleached tips, which attracted attention from people immediately.

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2. ITZY Ryujin

(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Ryujin has stuck with short hair even during her pre-debut days. Though Ryujin has short hair, she does not let that limit the styles she tackles. The idol has dyed her hair both blue and blonde and has tried different styles such as braiding her hair or wearing her hair in pigtails. The idol is also fond of hair accessories, wearing beanies and headbands to up her look.

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3. Brave Girls Yuna

(Photo : Yuna Instagram)

Yuna has earned herself the nickname "Short hair noona" following the sudden rise of "Rollin'." Though her hair is short, she has worn it in numerous styles, such as the basic straight-cut to elegant, voluminous waves. Yuna's haircut and her choice to maintain her natural black hair makes her look chic and sophisticated.

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4. Oh My Girl Binnie

(Photo : Binnie Instagram)

The story of how Binnie was added to Oh My Girl has become a hot topic. Binnie revealed she thought she passed her auditions because she sang well, but it turns out the company was looking for a member who suits short hair! Because of that, Binnie has continuously kept her hairstyle and black. While her hair often reaches mid-length, it still is not as long as her other members!

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5. IU

(Photo : IU Instagram)

IU rocked short hair while she was promoting "Palette," and people loved the look on her. IU has maintained her long hair throughout her career, so when she suddenly chopped off her locks, she caused a sensation among South Korean women! IU has styled her hair in many ways despite the short length during this time period; she would wear lots of accessories, such as hair bands and berets, and would often curl the ends to give her hair volume.

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6. CLC Yeeun

(Photo : Yeeun Instagram)

When most people mention idols with short hair, it is often Yeeun people think about! In CLC's "Black Dress" music video, Yeeun was the main character after she was seen cutting her long hair with scissors. Her beauty with short black hair earned her new fans during her promotions, and people loved how she maintained the cut — but dyed her hair blonde — for CLC's "NO" era.

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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