NS Yoon-G Reveals Her 12 Diet Secrets to Losing and Maintaining Her Weight

NS Yoon-G
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NS Yoon-G is known for her amazing body and often shares pictures of her workout and sports activities on her personal social media. With her healthy lifestyle, she is often featured in health magazines.

This time, on July 11, NS Yoon-G finally reveals how she loses and maintains weight with her 12 personal diet methods that she swears by!

Want to know NS Yoon-G's diet methods? Then keep on reading to know more!

NS Yoon-G 12 Diet Methods to Losing and Maintaining Weight

1. Never starve yourself

At the top of NS Yoon-G's list is to never starve yourself. Not only is starving yourself unhealthy, but it is likely to cause binge eating and a yo-yo effect on your body.

NS Yoon-G
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2. Eat two healthy meals between 12pm and 6pm

NS Yoon-G's diet also consists of her restricting her eating time to between 12pm and 6pm - this is called an "intermittent fasting." In between those hours, make sure to eat two healthy meals, which preferably includes vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, konjac rice, and nuts, according to the singer and actress.

3. Drink plenty of water

A very common thing in diets is to drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day! For NS Yoon-G she likes to drink lots of water from the moment she wakes up in the morning.

4. Stretch for at least 15 minutes in the morning and evening

Stretching is also important for NS Yoon-G, which might be why her body line and proportions are beautiful. She recommends stretching both in the morning and evening for at least 15 minutes to relax your muscles.

NS Yoon-G
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5. Make sure to take vitamins/health supplements

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic having the proper vitamins in our body is even more important to fight against the virus and to keep our bodies healthy. Take note though: Make sure you are drinking legitimate vitamins and health supplements, and also keep in mind that vitamins and health supplements alone won't help you lose weight.

6. Avoid looking at food programs/pictures as much as possible

We all love looking at pictures of food, which in turn makes us have food cravings. That is why NS Yoon-G recommends avoiding looking at these kinds of pictures to make sure you stay in control of your diet. Also, she recommends avoiding looking at food programs of others, as not everyone has the same body type and needs.

7. Look at stimulus pictures/target pictures when hungry

When you are hungry, NS Yoon-G recommends looking at pictures that can stimulate or your goal to shift your focus from being hungry.

NS Yoon-G
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8. Have one cheat meal a week

Don't restrict yourself too much! NS Yoon-G likes having a cheat meal once a week to satisfy her cravings. But make sure to keep the meal between 12pm and 6pm!

9. No alcohol

Another diet method is not drinking alcohol. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, and drinking a lot might make you gain weight.

10. Do aerobic and strength training

About 30 percent of weight loss comes from exercising, while the other 70 percent is from your food intake. NS Yoon-G recommends doing both aerobic and strength training. Take note that having more muscle mass increases your metabolism, which in turn helps burn more calories!

11. Wear tight clothes when exercising

This is completely optional, but NS Yoon-G's own method is to wear tight-fitting clothes when she workouts, so that she can check her body better.

NS Yoon-G
(Photo : Instagram: @_yunjeekim_)

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12. Check your body instead of your weight

Instead of focusing on the number on the weighing scale, focus more on your body itself. Just because you have a higher weight, it does not automatically mean you are "fat." Rather, it can mean that you have more muscle mass - which helps burn fat - or perhaps water weight.

However, keep in mind that all bodies are beautiful and not the same! Even if you're just starting out with your diet, don't worry, it's never too late!

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