'Girls Planet 999' Contestant Kim Chae Hyun Gains Attention for Looking Like a Mix of 4 SM Entertainment Artists

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Kim Chae Hyun, a contestant of Mnet's "Girls Planet 999," is gaining attention for her looks!

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"Girls Planet 999" Contestant Kim Chae Hyun Gains Attention for Looking Like a Mix of Four SM Entertainment Artists

With Mnet's upcoming survival show, "Girls Planet 999," nearing, the show has already revealed all 99 contestants that will be participating in the hopes of making their debut as a girl group member. With that being said, fans have already started choosing their favorites and the contestants that they are most interested in.

Kim Chae Hyun
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Among the 33 Korean contestants on the show, Kim Chae Hyun is currently the contestant who is garnering a lot of attention from online community forums - all because of her outstanding beauty that has captured netizens!

For those who are fans of SM Entertainment, Kim Chae Hyun might be a name you are familiar with. Born in 2002, Kim Chae Hyun was a trainee at SM Entertainment, where she trained at the "Big 4" label for four years. In fact, she was even rumored to be one of the trainees expected to debut, and is called a "missing member" of aespa.

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Kim Chae Hyun
(Photo : Instagram: @girlsplanet999)

When Kim Chae Hyun subsequently left SM Entertainment, many were surprised to see her again as a contestant on the Mnet program.

With the official profile photos released by "Girls Planet 999," Kim Chae Hyun became a hot topic among netizens for her beauty, which they described as very "SM-like."

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Kim Chae Hyun
(Photo : Instagram: @girlsplanet999)

In fact, netizens commented how her beauty a perfect mix of four popular SM Entertainment artists, who are heavily praised for their visuals. Netizens say that Kim Chae Hyun looks like a perfect mix of Girls' Generations' Taeyeon, Lee Yeonhee, and Red Velvet's Irene and Wendy.

In addition, they also say she has similarities with actress Han So Hee.

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Taeyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, Irene, Wendy
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It seems that there are similarities of the four SM Entertainment artists' visuals with Kim Chae Hyun's visuals. Kim Chae Hyun's jawline is similar to Wendy and Taeyeon's, while her smile is similar to Irene's, and her eyes are a mix of everyone's. If you do look at Kim Chae Hyun's overall beauty, she definitely has some resemblance to actress Han So Hee.

Besides her beauty, she is also drawing attention for her talents, with many believing she would be one of the best vocalists in the show.

Do you see a resemblance of the four SM Entertainment artists in Kim Chae Hyun?

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Meanwhile, the premiere of the first episode of "Girls Planet 999" is drawing near. According to Mnet, the first episode will premiere on August 6 and will be broadcasted every Friday at 8:20 pm KST. In addition, a total of 12 episodes will air from August to October.

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