[TW] Kris Wu's Rumors of Attempted Suicide Cause Stir Among Online Communities

Kris Wu
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[Trigger Warning: Mentions of suicide and sexual assault]

There is a rumor of Kris Wu having attempted suicide that is going around online communities and causing stir. 

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Kris Wu's Rumors of Attempted Suicide Cause Stir Among Online Communities 

Following the sexual assault allegations of Kris Wu and later being detained by Chinese police, he has since then remained as the topic of discussion among media outlets and online communities, with numerous Chinese media outlets reporting on speculations and the current state of the singer-actor.

Recently, an unconfirmed rumor of Kris Wu having attempted suicide while in a detention center in China has been causing stir among online communities. The rumor first started when an unverified account on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, wrote that Kris Wu had attempted to take his life as he could not bear to be in the detention center and is currently under investigation.

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Kris Wu
(Photo : Instagram: @kriswu)

The news was later seen and shared by a Twitter user, who shared a screenshot of the Weibo post and labeled it as breaking news.

The rumor immediately caused a stir among various online communities, with many discussing whether or not the rumor is true. Following the tweet being shared over 12 thousand times, it was later deleted. The Twitter user also clarified that it was a rumor.

Kris Wu
(Photo : Instagram: @kriswu)

Following the tweet, online users have begun stating that the rumors of Kris Wu attempting suicide are false, and have criticized Chinese media outlets for sharing fake news.

While others, whether or not the rumor is true, are condemning Kris Wu's actions and stating that he needs to pay for his crimes.

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Chinese Media Outlets Shares Alleged Photo of Kris Wu While in Detention Facility

Recently, Chinese media outlets have also shared a photo, which shows the inside of a detention facility. The media outlets have also claimed that the detention facility in the shared photo is where Kris Wu is currently being detained as he is being investigated for his sexual assault and rape charges.

According to the media outlet, Kris Wu can be seen in the detention facility located in Chaoyang, China, with him showing signs of fatigue and his head having been shaved. 

Kris Wu
(Photo : Hype)
Alleged photo of Kris Wu in the detention facility

However, there is no confirmation whether or not it is actually Kris Wu in the photo, if it is edited, or is a person who just resembles the the singer-actor.

Meanwhile, Kris Wu is currently being investigate on the charges of sexual assault since July, after Chinese influencer, Du Meizhu - an 18 year old - had accused Kris Wu of sexually assaulting her and several other women who are minors.

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