[TW] Chinese Police Reveal Investigation Findings on Former EXO Member Kris Wu's Sexual Assault Allegations

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[Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual assault]

The police have revealed their findings during the investigation conducted on former EXO member Kris Wu and his sexual assault allegations.

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Chinese Police Reveal Investigation Findings on Kris Wu's Sexual Assault Allegations

Last month, actor and former EXO member Kris Wu was accused of dating numerous girls at the same time. Later in July, he was accused of seducing underage girls by 19-year old Chinese influencer Du Meizhu. Kris Wu has since then denied the allegations, while the China State Media requested an investigation on the ongoing scandal.

According to Chinese police in the Chaoyang district of Beijing on July 22, they concluded in their investigation that the allegations were a result of three different schemes to commit fraud and malign Kris Wu.

Kris Wu
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Du Meizhu had initially accused Kris Wu of getting her drunk at a party and sexually assaulting her. Later, she claimed that Kris Wu had also committed the same acts to at least seven other underage girls, who are often found through casting calls or from being selected from his fan groups.

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Police Say Du Meizhu Exaggerated Sexual Assault Allegations to Gain Popularity, Man Admits to Defrauding Kris Wu

The Chinese police, however, said that Du Meizhu had exaggerated her posts, which were written with a friend, in order to gain fame and increase her online popularity. In addition, Du Meizhu's subsequent posts were revealed to have indeed been posted by her, however, it was written by a man who wanted to gain profit from the ongoing scandal.

Du Meizhu's posts were videos and screenshots of what appears to be money that she had received from accounts owned by Kris Wu and his mother. But police state that the transactions were, in fact, from a 23 year old male in Nantong City in the Jiangsu Province, who hoped to take advantage of the situation by extorting money from both Kris Wu and Du Meizhu.

Kris Wu
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The male, who is identified as "Liu," saw the scandal online and had contacted Du Meizhu to gather information, which allowed him to pretend to be her lawyer. Liu then contacted Kris Wu's mother to send Du Meizhu 500,000 yuan ($77,000 USD). He later pretended to be Kris Wu's lawyer to try and extort money from Du Meizhu.

Police said that Liu was unsuccessful in getting an additional 2.5 million yuan ($390,000 USD). He was arrested back on July 18 in Nantong after Kris Wu's mother had reported to the police of the fraud. In addition, there was also no indication that Du Meizhu was part of the fraud.

According to the police, they have interrogated the suspects and interviewed the involved parties, as well as taking in witness accounts, documentary evidences, and electronic evidences to gather findings.

Kris Wu
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However, they are still in an ongoing investigation into the other claims made against Kris Wu and his sexual assault and will be making the necessary decisions in accordance with the law.

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Du Meizhu Responds to Investigation Findings

Following the publicizing of the investigation findings, Du Meizhu posted on her Weibo to share that she has become exhausted with the investigation and attention and hopes it will end soon.

She then refutes several points in the findings.

According to police findings, Du Meizhu had attended a casting call for an upcoming music video organized by Kris Wu's agent, "Feng." She later went to a party at Krus Wu's house where 10 other people had drank and played drinking games. Du Meizhu is said to have stayed in the evening after getting drunk and has sexual intercourse with Kris Wu. Leaving the next morning, Du Meizhu had kept in touch with Kris Wu since.

Du Meizhu
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Du Meizhu

Du Meizhu refutes the findings, stating that Feng had used the casting call as a means to bring her to Kris Wu's house, where she was pushed into the latter's bed. Kris Wu had sent her money, but Du Meizhu is in the process of returning the money and stated that she has never committed any fraud.

Du Meizhu adds that because Feng was a woman, she didn't take precautions and got into the car with her. Only when she had arrived at Kris Wu's house did she realize it wasn't a meeting to discuss work.

According to the young Chinese influencer, she had low alcohol tolerance, but the people at the house kept giving her alcohol, which caused her to even vomit and lose consciousness. Feng later took her to Kris Wu's bedroom. Du Meizhu emphasized that she did not want to go there, nor did she stay there on purpose.

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Du Meizhu
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Du Meizhu

Kris Wu had told her that he wanted them to start dating, hence, she stayed for a meal the next day after the party.

Du Meizhu also shared that many women who were tricked by Kris Wu had contacted her. "You can say that I am sensationalizing [the allegation] to become famous. Whatever you want to say is fine, I don't care. Maybe there isn't an outcome that will please everyone. But I have tried my best," said Du Meizhu.

Meanwhile, if Kris Wu is found guilty of the allegation, he may face a death sentence according to China's laws.

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