TWICE Jihyo Diet and Exercise — This is How to be as Fit as the ‘TT’ Singer

Jihyo used to be criticized for her weight during her pre-debut and early debut days but is now considered one of the most beautiful members due to her glow-up. Want to know TWICE Jihyo diet and exercise routine, and become as hot as her? Then keep on reading

TWICE Jihyo Exercise

During an interview with Cosmpolitan Korea, which was shared on YouTube on July 26, 2021, TWICE member Jihyo was asked about her most effective workout routine. She then revealed a tip that she has yet to disclose to ONCEs at the time and states that it is super effective.

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Jihyo then reveals her ab workout. Though she shyly admitted that she has no abs at the moment, the exercise was the most effective for her to lose weight. She even states that because of this workout, she was able to form abs at the time!

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At the gym, Jihyo would use the ab workout chair. First, she adjusts the chair to her body and adds weights. Once she is happy with how heavy the weights are, she proceeds to use the workout chair as it is meant to be used. The idol states that she does numerous sets of these but did not say how many she actually does.

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The "TT" singer revealed that when she did this exercise, she was able to form abs in 3 to 4 days! Though it was a challenging exercise, she stresses that it was highly effective.

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TWICE Jihyo Diet

During the said interview with Cosmpolitan Korea that was released on July 26, 2021, TWICE's leader Jihyo was asked about her diet meal.

There, she revealed that she loves eating, so whenever she has to go on a diet, she finds it to be a tiring and difficult time.

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Because she hates the difficulty that comes with dieting, she chooses not to have diet meals. Instead, Jihyo cuts out late-night snacks from her menu if she has a promotional activity coming soon. The idol also only eats one meal a day.

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Jihyo would often skip breakfast and lunch, then eat something at around 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.. When asked what she chooses to eat once it is time for her meal, Jihyo reveals she eats whatever she wants to eat. Whether it be ramen or anything else, the idol indulges herself in her cravings and eats whatever she wants to.

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Check out Jihyo's interview with Cosmpolitan Korea here:

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