Mnet 'Girls Planet 999' Episode 2: Top 9 Rankings and First Mission Unveiled

On Aug. 13, Episode 2 of Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" continued the performances of the contestants for the Masters. The Top 9 rankings were then revealed at the end of the round, as well as the first mission of the competition.

In Episode 1 of "Girls Planet 999," the 99 girls were divided into cells of three, each comprising a Korean, Japanese, and Chinese trainee. The participants were put together based on their common characteristics such as personal interests and career type.

Moreover, the first episode saw some of the performances of the contestants from the K, J, and C groups.

Girls Planet 999 Episode 2
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Mnet "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2: Top 9 Trainees after Performances Disclosed

During the Aug. 13 broadcast of "Girls Planet 999," more solo and unit stages of the contestants in front of the MC and Masters were presented.

Among the K-Group units that performed last night was the "Eighteen Girls," which consists of four trainees: Huening Bahiyyih, Lee Hye Won, Kim Ye Eun, and Cho Ha Eun.

Girls Planet 999
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Eighteen Girls from K-Group

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"Girls Planet 999" K-pop Master Sunmi noticed Huening Bahiyyih, stating that her name reminds her of Huening Kai from the boy group TXT, and so she asked her if she's related to him.

Girls Planet 999
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Huening Bahiyyih from K-Group

In response, Bahiyyih responded that Huening Kai is her brother and shared that he had given her advice and support for her participation in the survival show. The TXT member even made a short appearance through a video call with his sister.

From the J-Group, the unit "JOKER" was one of the performers. It consisted of four contestants, namely Sakamoto Shihona, Oki Fuka, Ando Rinka, and Kubo Reina.

Girls Planet 999
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JOKER from J-Group

"JOKER" performed MAMAMOO's "gogobebe." Among the four J-Group trainees, Kuno Reina caught the audience's attention with her powerful voice. But, all four of them were selected as Top 9 candidates after receiving favorable reviews from the Masters.

Meanwhile, Su Rui Qi was one of the C-Group performers who stood out during Mnet's "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2. She covered Kim Chungha's "Snapping."

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At the end of all the stages by the K, J, and C groups, the Top 9 contestants of the girls were revealed.

Girls Planet 999
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Su Rui Qi from C-Group

The rankings are as follows: Kuwahara Ayana from J-Group (No. 9), Cai Bing from C-Group (No. 8), Choi Yu Jin from K-Group (No. 7), Seo Young Eun from K-Group (No. 6), Jeong Ji Yoon from K-Group (No. 5), Su Rui Qi from C-Group (No. 4), Shen Xiao Ting from C-Group (No. 3), Kang Ye Seo from K-Group (No. 2), and Ezaki Hikaru from J-Group (No. 1).

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Mnet "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2: First Mission Begins

Apart from the Top 9 rankings of the contestants, "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2 also revealed the first official mission of the competition - it is called "Connect Mission."

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In "Connect Mission," the cells will create teams and compete through one song. If the team picks one of the four mission songs (BLACKPINK's "How You Like That," TWICE's "Yes or Yes," IZ*ONE's "Fiesta," and Oh My Girl's "The Fifth Season"), the voting count of the winning team will double 24 hours before the voting closes.

Girls Planet 999
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But, if the team chooses EBS (EXO's "The Eve," BTS's "MIC DROP," and SEVENTEEN's "Pretty U"), the voting count of the winning team will be tripled 24 hours before the voting ends.

"Girls Planet 999" airs via Mnet in South Korea, AbemaTV and Mnet Japan in Japan, iQIYI in China, tvN Asia and iQIYI in Southeast Asia, and YouTube (through Mnet's YouTube channel - Mnet K-POP) in the rest of the world.

The broadcast of the girl group survival show starts at 8:20 p.m. KST every Friday.

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