Kwon Mina States That Only Former AOA Member Jimin Bullied Her in the Group

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During her appearance on a Youtube channel, Kwon Mina states that it was only former AOA member, Jimin, that had bullied her in the group.

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Kwon Mina States That Only Former AOA Member Jimin Bullied Her in the Group

On September 1, former AOA member, Kwon Mina, made a guest appearance on the Youtube channel "Jum Jum tv," where she talked about things regarding her bullying controversy with fellow former AOA leader, ShinJimin.

During her appearance, Kwon Mina explained that she wasn't bullied by the entire group, but rather it was just one member of AOA that had constantly bullied her for more than 10 years.

"I just wanted to become a celebrity and that was the first time I became a trainee, so I thought that it was normal. I thought that they were just 'playing bully', but then I slowly come to realize that this one person would pick on me," said Kwon Mina.

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Kwon Mina
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She elaborated further, saying that that on top of the verbal abuse, she was also physically abused.

"For 10 years I was constantly being bullied by that one person. She would say to me, 'Why are your face and body like sh**?' She would also punch me. But then she would tell me that she hit me because I was in the front. So what can I say to that?" explained Kwon Mina.

In regard to the other AOA members, Kwon Mina said that they knew that Jimin was bullying her, and had tried to comfort her. She added that whenever they would hang out to drink, the members would tell her that it must be hard for her, and wonder why Jimin hated her so much.

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AOA Mina
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Kwon Mina ended the topic by saying that she has forgiven Shin Jimin because she apologized to her in her dream, although Jimin has yet to apologize in person.

Check out the full video here: Topic starts at the 15:15 mark

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Kwon Mina Returns to Instagram, Deletes All Posts

Back on August 25, Kwon Mina wipe out the posts she uploaded on her personal Instagram, surprising and confusing many netizens. Soon after, Kwon Mina started anew with by uploading a photo of her shooting a gun at a shooting range.

As of this writing, Kwon Mina now has a total of 12 posts on her Instagram.

Kwon Mina
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Previously, Kwon Mina stated that she would be taking time off from social media following her being the center of a cheating scandal with her then-boyfriend.

Not long after, Kwon Mina made her return on Instagram, stating that she saw no reason to get off social media.

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